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8 Ways to Reduce Anger in Everyday Life

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Ways to Reduce Anger
Ways to Reduce Anger

Anger is one of excessive human emotions because human beings are created with anger to keep away from dangerous things in the environment. Maybe you often hear people talking “have mercy on people”. From now on you should be able to start to pity those who scold you and pray for them to be patience.

Everyone’s ability to cope with anger varies, depending on how to educate the right child, and the environment around you. It is undeniable that one’s level of education also has a major impact on the ability to manage anger, but if you learn continuously to control anger, the background does not matter to you.

Everyone will always expect their way of life to be safe, peaceful and peaceful. Either in a family environment, on campus or wherever you are. But who would have thought, if one day you can engage in a problem that increases the nature of your anger appears.

Characteristics of people who can not control anger / emotion:

  1. Speak in a high tone.
  2. If angry damage the goods around him.
  3. Do things anarchic.
  4. Criminalize others.
  5. Doing self-harmful things such as drugs, alcohol, and so on.
  6. Extremely depressed.
  7. Revenge.

Ways to Reduce Anger / Emotion:

1. Be Quiet

When someone is angry, nerve cells will kill themselves, if you often see the news, clearly plainly not a few people who do silly acts while being. When you are angry you will create an atmosphere that heats up with high notes. You may have heard a phrase that says, “When angry, you count the number from 10 before speaking, but if it’s too angry, count from a hundred.” This shows how useful it is when we are in this situation.

2. Indifferent

In this world, you will always find people who like you or vice versa. But what happens if others want to make you emotionally? The first thing you do with introspection, fix the relationship but if the business is not working you can start by being indifferent to the people who want to make you angry.

3. Learn to Tolerate

You will never know what has happened to others, although others often give bad impression. But it is not so easy that you judge others. Just like other people or maybe yourself who often provoked emotions because of the size of the problem from trivial to large. From now on, you have to learn to tolerate the annoying people especially the ones that provoke your anger.


4. Do not Save Anger

The nature of revenge and envy will keep you on hold of hatred and anger. It will be more painful because your heart is being criticized with continuous anger. When you have to communicate with people who are unstable and unable to control their emotions, you better forgive and let go. As for the thing that keeps you in touch with someone who is emotionally high level, you have to start professional.

5. Introspection

Introspection is something that people often do because the easiest, but review from various angles of the problem. Do not just blame others. Opening the mind is one way you train the level of maturity. By way of self-introspection will not be too difficult than correcting the mistakes of others that will only make you more emotionally. Spend 10 – 30 minutes to mirror and start introspection. If you are wrong, hasten to apologize. If you are right, try to negotiate and take the solution.

6. Meditate

Who would have thought meditation would make you more able to control yourself. By meditating, you can control your inner negative desires. You can do a meditation routine from now on in the morning or before bedtime, meditation can be tried and done regularly.

7. Heartbreak

Poured heart sessions will always be in the middle of the problem, whether the problem is complete, is happening or has not happened. Given an experience in the past of course you will better keep yourself from things that are not desirable. What is a very important event, but you are better to the outpouring of the right person, it is unlikely that you will be mocked by a friend because it is wrong. Try to talk to the right person who will be able to provide the best solution, if the problem you face is very heavy, you can use the services of a psychiatrist to find the best solution.

8. Think Short Solutions

Every problem there will be a solution, if you have already scolded you better resist emotions. Alone for a moment and think of a quick solution. Do this if you are discovered by some problems.

Those are some ways to reduce anger in everyday life. Please do what you think could be a solution. Do not forget to share and subscribe this website, thanks.


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