Beranda English Article The Industry Of Concrete Pumping Professionals

The Industry Of Concrete Pumping Professionals

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industry of concrete pumping
industry of concrete pumping

In the world of construction there are many methods used when during the building process. Concrete pumping is one of procedures used. Whether the foundation to a building is being installed or a swimming pool is going to be added. The ability to poor concrete with pin point accuracy is quite helpful.

There are few different types of equipment used during this process. First there is the trailer mounted boom. This type of pump uses a remote controlled arm to distribute the substance accurately and allows for high volumes to be installed at one time. Due to the large capacity output of this device it is used for bigger construction jobs such as office buildings.

The second type of machine is the line pump. This device is either mounted on the back of a truck or can be installed onto a trailer. These require two hoses that can be made of steel or rubber. The hoses are then attached to output port on the device and moved to the area where the liquid is going to be placed. Having a lower output ratio, this unit is used for swimming pools, sidewalks and other smaller type applications.

For special jobs, a skid mounted or rail mounted design can be used. By mounting the equipment to a steel plate that is set up on a frame that moves on rails this device can be moved easily from location to location without having to use a big vehicle or trailer. This type of application is most commonly used in mining and tunneling environments.

In order to operate a piece of equipment such as this, a certification must be obtained. In order to become certified a person has to take the certification test that is available online. This exam consists six categories. The first is safety, second is grout and pea rock, the third part is a two part section regarding line pumps both general and hi pressure, the fourth part is a three part section covering different booms used in the application process, the fifth deals with separate placing boom and sixth is the technical portion.

The point of the exams is to verify that the operator of the equipment fully understands all safety and required aspects of the job. The certification process has decreased accident rates in the workplace along with improving safety and is a standard for pumping contractors to have in order to procure a position in the field. In addition there are re-certification exams that allow the operators to stay up to date regarding safety procedures and updated mechanical techniques.

As with many other professions this field offers many venues for workers to not only obtain their license but also to share stories and information that they have gathered over time. Available on the internet are a few websites with forums that people can join to assist in improving their skills in the industry. Construction is an ever growing field and it is good to know there is information available out there.

Concrete pumping is used in all facets of the world today from construction to home improvement. It is also something that can be made into a career by gaining experience and knowledge. Following guidelines such as safe work environment and operating steps will not only protect the operator but will also protect everyone around them.

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