Beranda English Article What Construction And Construction Machines Are All About

What Construction And Construction Machines Are All About

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construction and construction machines
construction and construction machines

Construction is the building and assembling of different parts to form a structure or a building. In the construction industry, construction can be for roads, bridges,mines, buildings e.t.c. However, this article is for construction workers and construction machine operators or those who want to learn about them. In this article, we will be talking about;

  • The do’s and don’ts in the construction industry.
  • The safety measures in the construction industry.
  • The safety measures in handling construction machines.
  • How to maintain construction machines.

Now let’s visit them one by one.

The Do’s and Don’ts in the Construction Industry

These are the things you should do in the construction industry:

  • Do all machine assembling accurately and in accordance to the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Do all safety precautions like keeping yourself and your colleagues at less risk.
  • Do report any machine malfunction you notice.
  • Do machine quality check before use and always test run.
  • Do wear your PPE (personal protective equipment) and avoid dangerous sites that are out of bounds.

The Don’ts in the Construction Industry

  • Don’t assume anything, if you don’t know anything about a machine, ask or invite a professional installer.
  • Don’t visit the construction site casually or go in without wearing a protective helmet.
  • Don’t use a bad or faulty machine as it can lead to injury, damage or death.
  • Don’t skip the safety training classes, don’t forget what you were taught either.
  • Don’t handle a machine if you are not competent or trained for it.

Some Safety Measures in the Construction Industry

As a construction worker, you should be aware of the basic safety measures at the construction site. They are;

  1. Be personally responsible for your safety. Learn all safety measures and keep them in heart.
  2. Never take shortcuts, follow all the procedure correctly.
  3. Keep a tidy site, avoid unnecessary displacement of materials in order to avoid tripping over them.
  4. Keep the route to emergency exits always clear.
  5. Keep a first-aid box and a CPR attendant close by at all times.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol on duty, ensure you are not sick, dizzy or sleepy when handling a machine.

Having considered and learnt the do’s and don’ts and safety measures of the construction site, let’s key into the safety measures in handling the machines in the construction industry.

Safety Precautions in Handling Construction Machines

  1. Always know the name and function of each machine. You should be able to clearly identify each machine.
  2. Avoid wearing the same colors of clothes with the machine in use and do not walk under suspended loads.
  3. Ensure you attend each introductory operator training so as to operate the machines accurately.
  4. Be aware of the change in the equipment function and be observant in case of hazards.
  5. Inspect each equipment before you use it and also wear your seatbelt when driving a machine.
  6. Ensure the work area is located safely away from the heavy equipment in use.
  7. Watch out for slips, trips, falls, fire outbreaks, e.t.c and always wear a protective gear while handling heavy equipment.

How to Maintain Construction Machines

  1. Perform a daily check-up on the machines.
  2. Lubricate the machines properly and regularly.
  3. Use machines according to the manufacturer’s advice.
  4. Clean after use.

Following these, you have a better knowledge of what happens in the construction industry and how to be safe around the site. Do these and you will be safe.


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