Beranda English Article Portable Cement Mixer Answers Your Practical Construction Needs

Portable Cement Mixer Answers Your Practical Construction Needs

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portable cement mixer
portable cement mixer

A cement mixer is an integral part of any construction project. But not all construction projects are made equal. Some contractor companies start small, accepting smaller scale construction work. For these companies, industrial mixers on truck deliveries would be too bulky, impractical and excessively costly. So they would need an equipment that’s more ideal for their projects. A portable cement mixer is the answer to this need.

Portable cement mixers enable the workers to bring the mixer anywhere and everywhere they need and want to. Commonly, the transportability of this concrete mixer is due to its small size and easily movable base. The original Kushlan wheelbarrow mixer is a good example. Instead of trucks, the miniaturized cement mixer has a wheelbarrow for its base. This adds to the flexibility in using this mixer since it can be placed at the nearest possible area where current cementing work is at hand. This means mixed cement would just be at arms’ reach of the workers, preventing needless and, most importantly, wasteful hardening of the cement inside the mixer drum.

Speaking of the drum, the manufacturers of this portable cement mixer made sure that the drum is as durable as it possible can be. The mixer has a recyclable, UV stabilized, impact resistant, 3/8 inch thick, polyethylene drum. This polyethylene component allows the drum to take some beating, as construction work can be so rugged. And this is ensured without cracking, denting or even rusting. And for added practicality and efficiency, the drum is easy to clean up.

Aside from the drum attached on a wheelbarrow, the drum also comes as a skid steer drum attachment. This is ideal for companies which can afford skid steers making it easier for the cement mixer and mixed concrete to reach hard to get places. It is also ideal for off loading concrete trucks. This conveniently hooks up to the hydraulics of your skid steer plus the heavy duty polyethylene drum can hold five 80-lb. bags of pre-mix. The adjustable hydraulic flow control will operate up to 30 GPM and 3,000 PSI.

Aside from the cement mixers, mixer manufacturers like Junhua also offer mortar mixers. This basically uses the same technology and run by the same principles except it is especially made to mix mortar, thin-sets, stucco and epoxy gout. And it does this in just minutes. Among the suppliers, Kushlan Products, Inc. Provide particularly offer a mixer that features a high torque motor that gives you rugged durability along with quiet operation. Again, an emphasis is given to the polyethylene drum that makes for a quick and easy clean up even for mortar and the likes. A sure-win product for the masonry field!

Portable cement mixers are now a staple of any smaller scale construction project. It has basically become a necessity. But any contractor can have an advantage if the appropriate, most practical and most efficient concrete mixer is chosen among those available in the market. And, as any smart contractor would know, the product’s durability is a major plus. Mixer manufacturers, particularly Junhua, provide for this every contractor’s need.


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