Beranda English Article How To Quickly Get A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Working 100 Percent

How To Quickly Get A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Working 100 Percent

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Get A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Working 100 Percent

Are you always single? Why did it fail? Maybe that’s the words that often appear in your heart when you are alone, single, not have a boyfriend / lover when your heart is upset to continue to want to have a spouse. This time Arsitektour will provide a way to quickly get a boyfriend for both men and for women. Check it out fine.

How to quickly get this girlfriend I have my own practice first and this tips 99% successful, while the 1% depending on God, because everything is God’s will, the important thing to try and pray, right? Well I will share this powerful way for you:

Intention and Rest assured

Everything must be preceded by intentions, sincere and serious intentions and strong beliefs. The matter of mate is in the hands of God, but if the mate does not come then we must be picked up. Usually the singles feel upset when it’s age so much but have not been able to boyfriend also who later could for each other seriously. Intent with “Oh God Show me my boyfriend / girlfriend and give me a boyfriend that suits my wishes. You are all knowing what I know”. And then rest assured that you must be a boyfriend or a mate.


You must believe, whenever and wherever you are. No need to be inferior, you come from rich or poor, handsome or ugly, beautiful or not beautiful. Most importantly you are confident in communicating with the people around you. But remember! Do not be too confident.

Establish Good Communication In Associating

This is usually the factor experienced by the singles. They are quite difficult to communicate with others let alone the opposite sex. Maybe they are embarrassed because they are not beautiful or not handsome. That’s why you have to believe in yourself and then communicate well with others, for example greet each other. Make a guy, for example if there is a girl walking alone in the street, can say this “excuse me lady, where can I go?” Usually the girl sells expensive and says, “Sorry, no need, I want to go home, I’m waiting for the pickup but do not come”. The boy said, “ohh, who did you pick the girl?” The girl said, “my girlfriend picked up” “Damn … it’s got a boyfriend!” Said the boy in the heart, hahaha … That’s a simple example. Have a boyfriend, please find another one again.

Do Not Be Fussy

If you’re walking with a boy or girl, do not be fussy, do not like to protest your potential girlfriend. For example, boys say “what smell is this?”, Keep the girl say to herself “my underarms forgot not to use rexona earlier”. Keep the guy saying again. “Your hair is good must be short”, who he is, do not be so, use this alone, blah blah blah and so on. REMEMBER!!!! Not everyone likes to be criticized, SO, DO NOT TOO MUCH COMPLAINS. If there is something that is not liked, better hold it first in the heart. See the situation, not to say you are too talkative or nicknamed MR / MS COMPLAIN.


Low self not, but humble MANDATORY! Although we are smarter or more handsome or beautiful, that does not mean we have to wait for others who come to us. Better to open up with others without ever discriminating. Your humble attitude, surely to make your opposite sex captivated. PLEASE TRY!!


Make Yourself A Good Place To Talk

To be a girlfriend, not fun if it can not be used as a place to vent. Our boyfriend/girlfriend would be happy, if they have a problem they can come to us and find a solution together. Another term, we can be relied upon as friends. Especially if we become our target girlfriend/boyfriend, surely he is lucky to have a good boyfriend/girlfriend and a good adviser.

Keep The Appearance

CAUTION !!! do not be too confident!! Though handsome or beautiful, does not mean people will concern us, if we look unkempt or messy. Just imagine! Where anyone would approach us if they had been greeted with body odor, Hehehe… Not to mention the clean clothes and messy haircuts. How do people want to fall in love ??? No glance!


Try to open the heart, look around us, there is a sick or a friend who is gloomy, because bear the burden? As a friend, we are obliged to pay a little attentive. At least caring, do not play disruptive music, while the neighbors are sad.


Friendly to everyone, do not select friends and cool to talk to anything, it’s just fun to be made a friends, let alone boyfriend. Keep smile to anyone, even if you do not like that person, do not have to continue pout, right ???

Can Adapt Well

Even though you do not like certain areas, but that does not mean you do not know anything right? For example: your friends are chatting star football players, you know also if now is the season of competition. Who are the star field championed, you know too. So have to adapt well and do not keep silence.

Know Ethics And Manners

Anytime and anywhere, we must know ethics and manners, for example, not speaking in a loud voice in the library, please permit to the toilets should be polite, not calling seniors by any name, we can call an older person as sister or brother.

That’s some tips to quickly get a girlfriend or boyfriend you can practice for you who are single. Hopefully the above tips useful for you all. Do not forget to always share one kindness by sharing or sharing this article to friends in social media, simply by clicking the SHARE button in this site, thanks!


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