Beranda English Article 5 Facts About Online Business Unknown to Many People

5 Facts About Online Business Unknown to Many People

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Facts about Online Business

Having own business is the dream of almost everyone, one of them is me. A satisfaction for us if we have a business that has been running well and provide regular income every month. Online business is one business opportunity that always offers a solution in having a business. Many people are already successful in online business and have a large income from their online business. Even some people say, online business is the best solution to start a business because it can be run anywhere and easily. Is that right?

If anyone says online business can provide big income quickly, easily, and relaxed, then I say it is a statement that is not entirely true. To be successful in online business is not as easy as you imagine, but not as difficult as you think. In essence, running an online business that will be easy, relaxed, fun, and can provide a great income, but with conditions you must understand in running it.

There are indeed a lot of people who are successful in running their online business, but who failed in online business even more. Online business is almost the same as offline business, takes effort, seriousness, and patience in running it. To be successful in the online business it takes a process and time that is not briefly, not as often we hear and read.

Before we start doing business online, there are some things we should know about this internet business. We should be able to see the opportunities, advantages and disadvantages of online business so we can anticipate the possibilities that occur in the future that will be more wise. Some people who fail to do business online may be able to bounce back and fight harder, but some others may be frustrated and frustrated with their business.

Well, this is what we must understand from the beginning, we must know what business and risk of failure is already in sight. Are we ready to be successful in online business? Are we ready to face failure?

5 Facts About Online Business Unknown to Many People

Here are the facts about online business that we must understand:

1. Online Business Need Capital

Facts about the first online business is this business needs capital. The capital in question here is material capital and non material capital. The most important capital in my opinion is non-material capital, that is from ourselves. We must have a strong desire to start an online business, to be consistent & persistent, willing to work hard, creative, innovative, and never give up.

In addition to non-material capital, of course we also must have material capital. The name of online business of course can only be run if we have internet connection, and this definitely need capital. Although the value is not too large, it should still be taken into account as the capital we spend.

If we do not have a device to run an online business, such as PC / laptop and internet modem, we can run an online business from internet cafes. However, make sure you can keep all your accounts safe on the internet.

Well, from here we can see that the online business is definitely need material capital. So, do not believe the selling ebook marketing language that says online business can run without capital at all. The Indonesian people say it “modal dengkul”.

2. Online Business Need Work Hard and Smart

As mentioned earlier, the online business needs hard work. People who already can run their online business casually are those who have gone through many stages of learning that have not been awhile and have made it through various obstacles. Unlike the case with those who are beginners, everyone who is just learning an online business needs hard work and smart in building their online business.

In order to run a good internet business of course we must have adequate knowledge about online business. Learning process and also experience that can provide it all, internet marketing science can not be mastered in just one or two nights, it is impossible even if you are a genius.


3. Facts About Online Business That It Needed Time

Similar to point 2 above, the online business needed time to succeed. So, if there is a sales letter selling ebook that says online business that can succeed in a short time then I may say it is a scam or fraud, be careful with the language of marketing like this.

If you are serious about building an online business, then you should consider it a long-term investment. Indeed there are some online businesses that can generate profits in a relatively short time, but not all types of online business like that.

One example is the kaskus forum built by Andrew Darwis and his best friend Ken Dean Lawadinata. The process of success of this the largest forum in Indonesia can take up to several years until finally can be like this now.

4. Online Business Can Be Done by Anyone

One of the advantages of online business is that it can be done by anyone. When I applied to the company where I used to work, in the interview they asked me about my college degree, the value of my achievement index, what my college name was, and work experience. This is indeed a procedure that we must pass if you want to work in the world of office.

But this is not the case in the online business world, because anyone can do it without having to have a high formal education. The most important thing in online business is hard work and smart, willingness to always learn, and have high morale. Today maybe you are a newbie who is still learning, but maybe in the next few years you will become an expert in the world of internet marketing.

I’m not saying that formal education is not important. What I want to emphasize is that everyone can succeed in an online business if they mean it, no matter what the educational background is because there are many types of online businesses that can be done.

5. Many Millionaires and Milyaders from Online Business

It is a fact about an exciting online business for everyone who loves internet business. Everyone has the opportunity to become a millionaire or even a billionaire from an online business. Some examples of successful Indonesians in online business and have a huge income are Anne Ahira (owner of, Andrew Darwis (owner of, Hendrik Tio (founder of, Budiono Darsono (founder of, and much more.

Well, looking at the facts about the online business mentioned above, are you ready to start your own online business? Online business does offer potential tantalizing profits, but online business also has its own risk, although the risk is not as big as conventional business.

In addition, online business can run automatically, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so the potential benefits will be greater than offline business. However, that does not mean you can consider this is something easy because to become an online business that takes time, must be diligent to learn, and not easily give up.

Maybe that’s just an article about an online business that darsitek can give to all of you wherever you are. Hopefully be useful and understood. Sorry if there are words that are not understood, because this article I translate using google. That is all and thank you.


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