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Village People Can Be Rich from Online Business, These 5 Examples of Online Business in the Village

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Online Business in the Village
Online Business in the Village

“Can village people get rich from online business, how can village people get money from the internet”. Maybe those who are skeptical will think like that because of lack of information and do not know that internet connection is accessible in the village.

In fact, online business can be acted by anyone regardless of place, time, and level of education, including those who live in the countryside. The requirement is you must have a special device (smartphone, computer/laptop), connect to the internet, and have basic knowledge about online marketing.

So, from now on you no longer look to the eyes of the people in the countryside. Unbeknownst to us, it may be that the online income of the villagers is bigger than your income living in a big city.

Well, so you do not wonder if the villagers can get rich from online business, here are some types of proven online businesses that can make people in the village richer than you.

These 5 Examples of Online Business in the Village

Here are 5 examples of online businesses in the village that you can consider:

1. Business Blogging via Kampung Blogger

For those of you who have never heard of Kampung Blogger, Kampung Blogger is a blogger community in a village in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Sumbodo Malik is the originator of this blogger community and is one of Indonesian bloggers who have a great income from Google Adsense.

How did Sumbodo Malik and his friends make money from the internet? They build many English-language blogs with various topics, then install Google Adsense ads on all of their blogs.

Every ad impressions and clicks on their blogs provide income in dollars. Earnings of tens of millions to hundreds of millions on rupiah have become commonplace for members of Kampung Blogger community. So, village people can get rich from online business by becoming professional bloggers like Kampung Blogger community.

2. Online selling via Kampung Marketer

Kampung Marketer is slightly different from Kampung Blogger, but basically these two communities focus on online business from the village. If Kampung Blogger makes money from Google Adsense PPC advertising program, Kampung Marketer makes money from selling online.

Selling online is one of the most promising business opportunities this time and it looks like this trend will run for a long time. The reason, how to spend some Indonesian people who have shifted to the online world has also changed the trend of selling, that is selling online.

The founder of this community is Nofi Bayu Darmawan, an internet marketer who was to work in an office in one of the ministry as a civil servant. He decided to resign from his office because he wanted to focus on doing business online.

So if you are currently in Purbalingga Indonesia, you should join the community built by Nofi Bayu and start learning and selling online. For those of you who are in other areas of course can still learn online sales because there are quite a lot of websites online business courses that can be followed with affordable costs. People abroad can join this community.

3. Selling Agricultural Products in Your Village via Online

Many farmers find it difficult to market their agricultural produce to other cities even abroad. As good as any agricultural produce is produced, if without good marketing it will be difficult to sell it.

Fortunately you are now in the digital age, where you can reach easier people who are looking for agricultural produce in the village by using the internet. Indeed not all farmers can use current technology for marketing, but this can be learned over time.


While learning more effective ways of online marketing, You can start marketing your farm in your village by using the marketplace. Some agricultural marketplaces that you can use to market agricultural products in your village include:


4. Selling Services from your Village via Online

In addition to being a Google Adsense publisher, selling products online, and selling agricultural products online, there is still another way to make money via the internet from your village. Do you have any special skills that others need? If yes, then you can sell services related to these skills online.

Then, what skills are often searched on the internet?

Actually, there are so many skills that we can sell online. Some of the most frequently searched services on the internet include:

  • Article Writing Services
  • Graphic design services
  • Online marketing (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Email marketing, SEO, and others)
  • Services create and manage websites
  • Services create smartphone apps
  • An animated video making skill
  • And others

If you have a skill in a particular field, then start selling it via online. Take advantage of various marketplaces (,,, social media, and online forums, to market the services you offer.

5. Become a YouTube Artist even live in the Village

Now being a famous person on the internet is not impossible and expensive. Social media can be a very effective means to be famous and make money online, one of which is to utilize YouTube.

You can even do it without having to leave your hometown. However, of course to become a famous person and make money from YouTube is not easy. You should be able to create unique and interesting video content on a regular basis and attract many subscribers.

The video content you create may be related to your village. For example, your village is famous for its beauty and the results of its earth, then you can make an interesting video about the beauty of your village.

To become a successful YouTuber is not easy and takes time. But basically this can be done even if you live in the village.

From the explanation above, you must already have a picture and already believe that people of the village can rich from online business is very possible. Sumbodo Malik and Nofi Bayu Darmawan are two people from Indonesia who have proven that you who live in the village can also be rich from online business.

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully it can be your motivation to change your life. Send your feedback in the comments field below this article. Please share if useful, regards to all.


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