Beranda English Article Breast Milk Could Be a Natural Remedy for This 5 Condition

Breast Milk Could Be a Natural Remedy for This 5 Condition

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breast milk
breast milk

ASI (in Indonesian language) or Breast Milk is a magic liquid. Very many of the benefits that can be obtained from the baby drinking breast milk, one of which is to increase the body’s resistance and immunity.

However, breast milk is not only used as a source of nutrients. Citing The Health Site, for centuries the mothers from around the world have been using breast milk him for various forms of home-based drug.

Some mothers even use their breast milk for facials. All you need to do is just milking breast milk, and then rub it into the skin of the face. The mothers who do this say, breast milk make their skin smoother, softer, and clear acne and its remains.

However, the use of breast milk as a home-based drug surely can’t be indiscriminate. Especially if you use it to cure disorders of the eyes and ears on the baby.

Discussing this, a pediatrician, Dr. Arjun Gaikwad from India later emphasized, ASI is absolutely safe if it is used as the home of certain medications. “breast milk is rich in antibodies, this is why breastfeeding is the best way to build immunity in infants,” he explained.

After the baby’s safety as a home remedy already ascertained, here are a few ways that you can apply to use the ASI as a remedy:

The disease can be treated with Breast Milk

Eye infections

Newborns can suffer from eye infections, or sticky eyes due to eye fluid. You can use a cotton swab soaked in breast milk, and then apply it gently on the eyes of the baby to clean up the grime that exist.

And also, if your baby’s eyes are red, you can shed a drop of breast milk on her eyes.

Ear infections

6-8-old-month baby vulnerable exposed ear infections. If your baby continues to cry while rubbing his ears, it’s likely he was suffering from ear infections. After consulting with a doctor, you could shed a drop of breast milk to the infected ear to get rid of infection.

Baby acne

Six to eight weeks after birth, the baby acne usually have sprung up, which will usually clean itself. However, if your baby seems to feel itchy or scaly and his skin makes acne, you can ASI slathered onto his body.

Dry skin

Some babies have very dry skin. Try massaging your baby using breast milk, which is then followed by a shower and coconut oil. His skin will be noticeably smoother and get nutrients.


ASI is known can soothe and heal the rash quickly.

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