Beranda English Article The Importance of Former Smokers Eat Apples and Tomatoes

The Importance of Former Smokers Eat Apples and Tomatoes

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apple and tomatoes
apple and tomatoes

Recent research found that inserting the tomatoes and apples in a food menu can help repair damaged lungs in former smokers.

Offered from the Independent study, it reveals the adults who eat two tomatoes and more than three servings of Apple a day showed a decrease in lung function are slower than those who ate less than an Apple and a tomato every day.

However, the effect only appears when the fresh fruit is eaten, meaning tomatoes or canned Apple and already processed are not useful.

A study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health examined the food menu and lung function in more than 650 adults in 2002, then the same test is repeated on the participants ten years later.

The participants come from Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom were also filling out questionnaires about diet and nutritional intake, also, the procedure for measuring spirometri lung capacity take oxygen.

Other factors such as age, height, gender, body mass index, physical activity, socio-economic status and total energy intake is also a consideration.

Interesting inventions published in the European Respiratory Journal December issue it was found that the relationship between a menu packed with lung function is seen more clearly in former smokers.


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