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Bruises? Do this so Quickly Lost

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Everyone may have suffered bruises or hematoma. Not rare, bruises appear without notice.

Busy with everyday activities, sometimes we do not realize has experienced the clash or mild impacts. Can the knee strike the hip hit the table, cabinets, and other small accidents can cause the skin to turn blue.

Bruise or a hematoma appeared due to the blood flow out of the small blood vessels under the skin, explains Dr. Dana Nader, MD, Regional Medical Director for MedExpress. The blood that leaked this creates a dark bluish stain.

Dr. Nader says, when you hit something, please act as soon as possible. Put the bag of ice cubes or cold compresses on the bruised area to reduce swelling.

This cold compress will hold blood vessels, slowing down the flow so that it can reduce the color of bruises. Do this for 10 minutes, then give a 20-minute pause, and do it again.

So what if belated bruise knowingly?

“If the swelling is gone, you could use a warm compress–that has an effect opposite of cold compress,” said Dr. Nader. “At this stage, the warm temperature will increase the blood flow in the area, make it does not accumulate in one place.”

Dr. Nader reminded, don’t push bruising or bleeding under the skin. This has not proved to be effective and could add to the aches and bruises.

Usually, bruises will disappear in five to seven days. If you notice pain or dull ache that rsa is not lost-lost, meet the doctor. This could be you have internal injuries.

Similarly, if you continue to experience bruising without knowing why. Meet doctor as this could be a sign of something more serious. Alert you of reader’s Digest.


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