Beranda English Article Liquid This Vape Got More Danger to the Lungs

Liquid This Vape Got More Danger to the Lungs

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liquid vape
liquid vape

Began to spread liquid vape (liquid vape) containing vitamin B12 with claims can make you become more energy naturally. But whether it’s true existence?

Do not be fooled. Unless you intend to stop sucking up conventional cigarettes permanently, the statement is not true. Added vitamins into liquid vape does not immediately make it healthier.

In fact, the American Lung Association recommends that you should not need to use a vape at all: because you will not want the existence of particles that haven’t tested that enters Your body system.

Additional vitamins of any use?

“Very easy going on irritation of the Airways of the lung,” said Norman Edelman, MD, a researcher and senior advisor for the American Lung Association. That’s why smoking is known to cause bronchitis electric light.

How to boost energy?

Sorry to disappoint, but if you are not experiencing a shortage of vitamin B12, additional doses of these vitamins on liquid vape You will have no effect whatsoever for the body.


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