Beranda English Article You should know about Airplane Food

You should know about Airplane Food

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airplane food
airplane food

Plane food we eat don’t really mouth-watering and far from the word healthy. Everything is served in front of the eye is not as we imagine.

Unless you sit in business class. You are a bit more fortunate. Average food that they could still be categorized food fresh or fresh from the oven.

This shocking case, released a woman who claims to be a flight attendant through a writing on Quora thread.

As quoted from the website of the Daily Star, a woman named Shreyas P food said that the plane is not very healthy and high in calories. Even if you choose the raw foods or foods for vegans.

“Food that is in the tray of the passengers made not in the kitchen, but the aircraft catering are cooked 12 hours before a flight. There are also many days already, “wrote Shreyas.

Aircraft In The Form Of Food Not Really Fruit Fresh

Pieces of fruit looking fresh no matter fact already past the “preservation”. Shreyas mentions there is a special industry making food look decent on the airplane food.

The writings of Shreyas are supported by a fact from the results of studies conducted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA found that one in eight of the world’s airlines failed to meet standards in terms of the provision of clean water.

It is said that there is no cabin crew and pilots who want to drink water on the plane. They avoid the correct drink tea and coffee while flying.

“The Flight Attendant will not drink the hot water on the plane. They won’t drink regular coffee and tea, “said one flight attendant is different to the Business Insider.

Plane Food High in Fat and Salt

Author of the book Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating, Charles Spence, has suggested that the plane food full of salt and sugar.

It’s just that, passengers are not aware of it. Be advised only. The lower cabin air pressure, cabin air and noise from the engine contributed to the inability of passengers to taste and smell the aroma of the drinks and food.

“The plane Food eaten that contains 20 to 30 percent sugar and salt,” he said.


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