Beranda English Article Want Target Achieved? These 9 Mistakes that Mandatory Sales Avoid

Want Target Achieved? These 9 Mistakes that Mandatory Sales Avoid

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The success of a company can not be separated from the skills of the sales in marketing the product. If a salesman is poorly trained, then the product produced by the company will never sell. Or the company even went bankrupt.

However, whatever the sales in marketing the product, not out of mistakes. Especially when a beginner’s sales.

These are the mistakes that sales should avoid if you want to succeed.

1. Lazy

A salesman must work diligently and responsively so that the products sold quickly sell in the market. The opposite condition occurs if a sales lazy. As a result, the company’s sales declined. Lazy nature is inevitable, but can be minimized, especially when served as a salesman.

If you’ve got a definite consumer, you can be lazy. If not, do not ever laze because 50 percent of the company’s fate is in your hands.

2. Less Active

A salesman should be able to be an active person. Especially when it’s dealing with consumers. Build a good communication network for consumers interested in working with companies. If you’ve got a clear consumer, do not forget to follow up for a quick deal to materialize.

3. Forgot Set Target

A good marketing strategy is totally useless if a salesperson forgets to set a target. Before marketing the goods, set clear targets for more specific product marketing.

4. Plagiarism

A sales person needs a lot of marketing ideas. If one idea is not successful, there is still a practicable backup idea. However, limited human ability triggers the appearance of plagiarism in which one sales mimics the marketing idea of ​​competitors to win the hearts of consumers.

You need to know, plagiarism is not recommended in business. In addition to not creative, corporate image will also be smeared if sales found plagiarism. Instead of plagiarism, it’s better to take a moment to experiment on unique, new, and authentic marketing strategies.

5. Lacking Observing the Market

The success of a sales can be seen from the sales charts in the market. If a salesman is not watching the market, then the company’s expectation to reach the target will be lost.

Before selling goods to the market, it’s good to do simple research on the needs of consumers for maximum sales results.

6. Procrastinate Time

If the consumer is interested in the product you are selling, make the offer as soon as possible so that the deal can be done immediately. If you too often delay time, the prospective customer changes his mind. Or even run to other sales that are considered more credible.

7. Too Excessive

Making the product look superior is the job of a salesperson. However, too much explanation will make potential customers think twice to buy products that are marketed.

For example, “This whitening cream works well to whiten the face. Simply once smear, black stains on the face immediately disappeared “. Such an explanation is too much and does not make sense.

8. Pessimists

The large number of sales makes the competition tighter. Bad events such as loss of consumers too often hit the sales. Although uncomfortable things often happen, never be pessimistic. Because pessimistic attitude will make you lazy to be creative.

Failure to market the product also occurs in successful sales though. So, you are not alone. A positive attitude in the face of failure will lead you to the gates of success.

9. Not Mastering Products

A salesman does not merely market, seduce, and make offers only. However, it should also be able to convince potential customers to buy a product.

If you stammer when describing the product, there are consumers will doubt the quality of the product. So consumers do not make purchases.

Keep the Spirit and Keep Learning!

Being a salesman is not an easy job. Falling out in marketing a product must have often even happened to you.

When you fall, do not despair. Make failure a valuable experience to move forward. Keep the spirit and keep learning to improve, especially to convince the consumers.


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