Beranda English Article Want to Succeed? Do not Let These 7 Barriers Be a Barrier

Want to Succeed? Do not Let These 7 Barriers Be a Barrier

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want to succeed
want to succeed

Success in life, both materially and spiritually, becomes the dream of all human beings. Various attempts were made to live a successful life. However, out of 100 people who are trying to achieve success, there are only 3-5 people who are able to realize success.

The high percentage success rate is usually determined by human habits itself. If you want to succeed, the person must be able to change bad habits into good habits so that the process of success is not hampered.

Here are the obstacles that should not be allowed to be a barrier if you want to succeed.

1. Fear of Challenges

The world of work never escaped the “challenge”. The challenges are always related to new things that are still very strange to us.

However, you should not avoid the challenges given by the company. It would be nice if the challenge is accepted to know the extent of your capability in solving the challenge.

Undeniably, fear will come when you are faced with a challenge. But remember, you are not alone here. There are colleagues and bosses who are ready to help if you find some difficulties. So, for what fear?

2. Difficult to Move On

Events that occurred in the past may still be firmly inherent, so you fail to move on and move forward. Stuck on past events will only hinder your path to success.

Any event that happened in the past let it pass. It’s time you set a glorious future to live a successful life. Make past events into lessons so that you do not fall into the same hole a second time.

3. Easy Complaining

“Easy to complain” is a bad trait that has been attached to humans from birth. If continue to be maintained, this ugly nature is believed to inhibit success.

Naturally, if you complain because of the office tasks that accumulate. However, complaining constantly is useless, with office tasks accumulating, you are having trouble finishing it.

The nature of easy to complain is not preferred co-workers, even more boss. Because complaining is a form of your inability to carry all the tasks assigned. Instead of complaining and spending a lot of time, it’s better to do the work slowly until it’s done.

4. Not Timely During Work

One’s success can be measured from his obedience to obey all commitments. Successful people have a strong commitment while working. For example, come to the office on time.

Consciously or not, coming on time indirectly will affect your productivity for a day. If you always arrive on time, the number of jobs that can be completed even more.

If such a commitment continues to be maintained, the possibility to get promotions from superiors was wide open. Opportunities for a successful career will soon be realized.

5. Individualistic

Maintaining independence for some things is very natural, especially when completing personal tasks at the office. However, this independence is no longer valid when you work in a team.

His name is also a team. That means you and your co-workers are required to work together to solve problems, not to be individualistic.

Individualism is synonymous with too close to the environment. This trait will certainly hamper a career in the company. Because basically companies need people who can be invited teamwork is not the individualist.

6. Too Look Being in a Comfort Zone

Being in the comfort zone of course makes us happy. Living in this zone makes life safe without obstacles. However, too comfortable in the comfort zone is also not good. This condition will make you lazy to try new things so life stuck at one point only.

In fact, out of comfort will certainly make life much happier than living in the comfort zone. Because basically, you are entitled to get something more than what you have today. You are worthy because you have great potential. Only, the potential must be buried because the nature is too comfortable.

7. Speech Not Comparable with Action

“The empty tongs sounded aloud”, that’s the right proverb to explain this one point. Too much talk will hamper your productivity while working. As a result, many work units are dormant and unresolved. If you want to talk, talk as necessary. Expand the action rather than nonsense.

Starting from the Little Things

Changing bad habits into good habits requires a process that is not short. Do not expect big changes in a short time. Start small changes first before you can deal with bigger changes.


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