Beranda English Article 7 Tips Success to Get Money from Youtube for Beginners

7 Tips Success to Get Money from Youtube for Beginners

Tips Success to Get Money from Youtube
Tips Success to Get Money from Youtube

You may be one of the people who are looking for information on how to make money from the internet via youtube, or maybe you are one who already know how to earn money from the internet but there is no chance you follow.

There are so many ways to earn money from the internet that you can follow, for example through a youtube video or a blog writer, and great again, lots of opportunities to earn money from the internet without the need to spend large capital, so much information on how to get money from the internet could makes you as a confusion beginner to decide which one to choose.

When you want to earn money from the internet, keep in mind that you must always be careful because it turns out a lot of scam or hoax, if one chooses most likely your hard work will be in vain and you will not be paid.

The point is if you find information how to make money from the internet very easily without having to work hard, I suggest better leave the way, because that way is usually most likely a scam or a hoax, you must remember to make money from the internet as well as to make money in the world real in general, it takes hard work time and of course nothing is instant.

Youtube site can be your field to earn money from the internet (Trusted)

Is it true that youtube can make money?

If you are still in doubt, I say 100% really trustworthy, and there are so many people who prove it, either from the artist or from bloggers, even you who can generate hundreds to thousands of dollars every month from youtube.

Through this article I just want to give instructions and information only to you if by chance you as a beginner and you have the desire to earn income from the internet online and trusted, then one of the opportunities you can choose and you try is to become a partner youtube or youtuber.

So What is Youtuber?

Perhaps you are confused and maybe just heard the term youtuber? Youtuber is a term for internet actors whose work is to create videos and then upload them on youtube sites.

The youtube site is a free google video sharing site, you can make any video then upload the video to youtube site, and google as youtube owner offer cooperation to youtuber to be youtbe partner and cooperate with youtube advertising media, so youtube video you can display ads from google adsense youtube and you can earn revenue (money) from the video you upload if the ads that appear in click by the viewer or audience of your video.

How can Youtube pay you?

You need to know youtube is one of the free video sharing sites owned by google internet giant company. google as one of the internet giants popular in the world have advertising media, one of them is advertising media google adsense, anyone you especially business people can work with google to advertise on google. Google will help distribute or promote advertisers advertisers through the publisher adsense, both from among bloggers and from among youtuber.

You as youtuber, can upload your original video on youtube as much and free until whenever, then you can work together with youtube to become advertisement publisher google adsense youtube, if you succeed you can monetize or make every video you upload so that your video to serve google adsense ads youtube.

Whenever a youtube visitor finds an interesting video that you upload then they watch it an ad will show on the video in certain ways. If the audience clicks on adsense ads that appear on your video then you will get commission from youtube with certain value every click.

The more clicks your ads have on your videos by your viewers then you can get a great income from youtube.

So to get a big advantage of youtube videos, you have to upload as many videos and you should be able to get many visitors and viewers of your video, the more your video is seen by youtube audience then your chances of getting big income from youtube will be better.

Video Types Like What Can Make Money?

Lots of video topics can be created but you should note if your goal is to make videos to make money via the internet via youtube you should pay attention to the policy program from youtube.

Types of videos that you can make can be diverse, including:

a. Video slides, videos created from a collection of images merged and presented into video files, eg slide photos and more.

b. Original Video, video made with video recording device, this kind of video you can make using a special video recorder or using mobile devices such as hp or smartphone.

c. You can create videos with any category (funny, sports, hobbies, events, music etc.) that is important not to violate google adsense policy and also youtube policy.

d. The video you created is recommended at least 3 minutes or longer, the longer the better.

Here are 7 Tips Success to Get Money from Youtube For Beginners

Here are some successful tips for earning from youtube:

1. Create a separate Youtube account with blog.

If you are a blogger who wrestle blogspot and you decide to wrestle internet business through youtube preferably when creating a youtube account use a different email with your blogspot.

To create a youtube account in google email, please make google email first if you do not have it.

You can directly create a youtube account list by directly logging into youtube using gmail email account and also passwords that you already have before.

2. Upload Original video as much as possible.

To earn a great income through youtube you have to upload originial video of your own homemade results as much as possible, because the amount of income that you will get is influenced by the number of your video audience and the number of your video audience is strongly influenced by the quality and number of videos you upload. the more and more quality the better.

Videos that you upload can be anything (hobbies, music, sports, tutorials, and others) but you should note is the originality of your video, never upload other people’s videos or never upload videos that contain copyrights of others, such as containing music protected by copyright or containing some images belonging to someone else who is copyrighted.

If your video is considered to infringe copyright then the risk of the video you upload will not be allowed to display ads google adsense alias can not be monetized, it means your work will be in vain and your chances to make money from the video will not come true.


3. Associate with google adsense ads in a timely manner.

To make money from youtube, you have to link your youtube account with google adsense, so youtube video you can display google adsense ads, to link your youtube account with google adsense, please search in Google.

But you should note when you want to link youtube with adsense is to find the right time, upload the video as much as possible and view the view of each video, the better view your video gained and your video collection is pretty much just associate with adsense for better accepted opportunities.

Reportedly to associate adsense with youtube is very easy, even with only 3 original video that you upload is acceptable adsense, but that must be considered is that even if you successfully accepted google adsense and your video can display ads, if the view is still small (minimum 10,000 view) and your video is still a little, quite difficult to get the desired income.

Therefore it is better to collect the first video as much as possible when you have a lot of associate with google adsense, so your chances of getting revenue from youtube could be better.

4. Create Videos with Eternal Topics.

When deciding to make a video, it’s better to create a video with a timeless topic, a video that presents timeless content, like funny videos, video tutorials, music videos, and more.

Videos that serve content with timeless topics will make the video always liked forever, in contrast to videos that feature seasonal content, such as videos of gemstones and such, such video content will be sought after only when gemstones are booming, when the gemstones have begun to dim the video will fade.

5. Create a Video title with many searched keywords.

There is a separate technique that you should do to get your video view or view a lot of people, one way is to make videos with keywords that are sought after, aiming for your video has a chance to be seen, you must have a special strategy by making video that much sought.

I will not explain how to make a video title that much sought, because a lot of techniques, I just stressed to you, that you have to think about this one thing. Please create a video title with elements that make people curious to see your videos and most importantly the video content should be also interesting so they will love your video and become your subscriber or channel subscriber or video channel.

6. Create Quality Content and search for subscriber as much as possible.

Some important factors for your video to get a lot of view or a lot of watching is you must present the video as well as possible and the quality as possible and do not carelessly, good video content will make the audience a subscriber or subcriber of your video, so that every time you publish a new video they will instantly get the information and instantly watch it.

Do not forget also, at the end of the video make a simple promotion for them to subscribe your video, the more subscriber then your video will be easy to see people and your chances of getting revenue from youtube will be better.

Another way to get subscriber is you have to be able to promote your video, you can use social media like facebook, or twitter to promote your video, if your video is considered interesting, they will not hesitate to become a subcrber or loyal viewers of your video.

7. Optimize Your Video.

The goal of optimization is to work with some techniques to make the video easy to find with relevant search keywords.
This is of course important for your video to be found.

How to optimize Video?

a. Video file names prior to upload should contain targeted keywords. You can replace spaces with dashes, dashes, video-funny-latest, and more.

b. Title, use a title that contains the keyword.

When you upload a video, use a call to action title, put the keyword in front of the title, so your videos get the best ranking on youtube search.

c. Include interesting, relevant and keyword descriptions.

Also create video descriptions that contain keywords, clear, solid, and create a natural look, you can also add outbound links that are relevant to your video.

d. Add Relevant Tags

Include tags relevant to your video, tags are sort of categorizing of your videos, please create appropriate tags, use at least 12 tags and no more than 120 characters in characters, and separate them with double tags.

e. Interesting thumbnails

Use interesting thumbnails, thumbnails are images that represent the content of your video when your video is found by viewers. Tags with images that are attractive and clear and relean will increase the appeal of viewers to view your video.

Please use a large enough image. Minimum 640px wide. The best is 1280x720px, the thubnail file name you use can use keywords relevant to your video.

f. Engage good Annotations

Annotations are floating text (will appear above the surface of your video when viewed), please add relevant and useful annotations in each of your videos once they’re finished uploading.

Use annotations as a call to viewers to subscribe to a channel, to like, to share to social media or to leave a comment after they’ve finished watching their videos.


Regardless of how to make money online from the internet you choose, everything will need persistence and also hard work and smart work, none of which are instances, stop to ambitious earn a lot without any serious business.

The key to success to earn money from the internet is hard work, smart work, diligent and never give up. If you can do it, whatever amount of income you want you can get.

Similarly article about 7 Tips Success to Get Money from Youtube For Beginners, may be useful.


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