Beranda English Article Beware, These 8 Popular Diet Tips Turns Mistaken

Beware, These 8 Popular Diet Tips Turns Mistaken

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popular diet tips turns mistaken
popular diet tips turns mistaken

Generally, you are doing a diet program to lose weight. If done correctly, diet will not only lose weight, but also can form a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, it turns out a lot of rumors about the outstanding diet is not good to do. Reported by bold sky, here are the wrong diet tips that you should avoid.

1. Diet is Temporary

Maybe you often hear many opinions that say the diet is only done until the weight down or achieve the desired goals, then stop.

However, you need to know that the tips are not true. This is because the diet must be done continuously in order to weight and healthy lifestyle can be maintained.

If you’re trying to stop the diet, it’s not impossible that your previous health problems may return.

2. Fight with Hunger

This is mostly done by women. There are still many assumptions that say the diet is done by reducing or not eating at all.

This is of course not true, because when not eating, the process of metabolism in the body will be disrupted. If done continuously, this will make weight loss in the future will have problems. Of course, you do not want a diet that has been done in vain is not it?

3. Eat too Many Fruit

Consumption of fruit on a regular basis does bring a good impact for health. However, if consumed in excess levels, the fruit can actually destroy your diet program.

This is because some fruits contain high sugar and fructose. Therefore, when undergoing a diet program, it’s good to eat fruit to taste.

4. All Calories are the Same

Maybe you often see 100 calories ice cream equal to 100 calories a bowl of vegetables. However, this is not true because both types of food have different nutrients and effects for the body.

Therefore, be careful to diet by counting the number of calories that enter the body.

5. Not Consuming Fat Forever

The myth of the diet that is generally widely circulated in the community is to do it by not eating fatty foods at all. It’s true weight will go down faster. However, reducing healthy fats that enter the body can lead to malnutrition. Drinking mineral water while eating

Following these diet tips will mean that you consume excess water during meals. This is not good to do because it will interfere with the digestive system. If continued, it is not impossible digestive problems will appear in the future.

7. Avoid Eating After 8 PM

Many also opinion about the diet that says at 8 pm is the last time to enjoy dinner. In fact, this is not entirely true, because the correct diet suggestions about dinner is the consumption of three hours before bedtime. It is useful to give the body enough time to digest food before bed.

8. Exercise Hard, Eat too Much

Exercise intensively can indeed burn calories in the body. However, when you eat whatever you want and in an irregular portion, the potential for weight gain will persist. In addition, it is not possible you will experience digestive problems.


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