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Smoking Is Only 1 Stick Per Day, Is It True That The Risks Were Much Smaller?

effects smoke on brain health
effects smoke on brain health

Smoking is one square a day is indeed bad. Therefore, many smokers who try to reduce smoking them so just one or two stems a day. They think, it is much better for your health.

Unfortunately, the assumption of yesteryear just vague hopes. The study found, only smoked one cigarette per day, have been associated with health risks are quite high.

According to research published in the journal BMJ this, smokers who smoke a rod a day, 74 percent more likely to develop coronary heart disease than not smokers. These results are obtained even after adjusting the risk factors with age and other heart risk factors. Alert you of men’s Health.

Those who smoke 20 cigarettes a day around a pack have a two-fold risk of the bigger hit than heart disease is not a smoker.

Effects on brain health

Whereas, in the brain, those who smoked one rod a day 30 percent more at risk of stroke than non-smokers. And those who smoked one rod a day are at risk more than doubled hit stroke than not smokers.

Thus, while it is true that the effect of smoking one cigarette a day lighter than a pack a day, the difference is not as large as previously envisioned.

There is a risk that instead of 1/20, following the number of cigarettes that are sucked up, but only half of it away.

Chemicals in cigarettes can damage the structure and function of blood vessels. This will increase the risk of arteriosclerosis and hoarding plaque.

Over time, this would make the arteries narrower and so hard, limiting blood flow and could culminate in a heart attack or stroke.

So, the core of the research above is, limit the amount of smoking is not the answer. Smokers will stop in total if you want to get healthy.


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