Beranda English Article 9 Your Salt Consumption Signs Are Over the Limit

9 Your Salt Consumption Signs Are Over the Limit

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Salt is like two sides of a coin. Bland food can turn into savory. But on the other hand, eating too much salt is very harmful to health.

Currently there are approximately 14,000 products that add salt in the presentation. Starting from food, beverage, industry, to medicine.

Almost every moment of eating together, intentionally or not, you must be compelled to season the food with a pinch of salt. Whether it’s lunch with colleagues or business partners, family meals, or romantic dinner with your partner.

In BrightSide’s share site account, 9 health disorders are described if your body is too salt-packed.

1. Easy thirst

Inside the salt contain 40 percent sodium and 60 percent chloride. Salt is mostly spread in fast food such as pizza and friends. Keep in mind, constant thirst can also be a sign of diabetes.

If you are easily thirsty and drink each moment, it would be nice if making sure the health by consulting to the doctor.

2. Each moment to the bathroom

If these symptoms are present, a bad sign for your health. If you subscribe to consume salt for a long time, beware. You will be at high risk of osteoporosis, because too much waste of calcium.

If often pee, the concern that arises is you have type 2 diabetes. If you experience these characteristics, it’s good to consult a doctor immediately.

3. Doyan eat unhealthy food

Some people can not eat if the food is tasteless. Start deh looking for salt to strengthen the savory taste in every bite. Type like this used to eat delicious with salty taste.

They get used to eating with a lot of salt. Worse, they want a salty taste in each type of food.

What’s the solution? If you are shopping, check the product labels and avoid foods containing 0.03 ounces of salt per 3.5 oz.

Foods that are high in salt and should be avoided from now on are pizza, sandwiches, pork, sausages, and more. Instead you eat practically like fast food, you better serve everything by cooking at home.

4. Feel the muscle cramps

Feeling the racket is uncomfortable, let alone the extraordinary pain that struck in the muscle. During cramps, the muscles suddenly contract so as to cause infinite pain.

If muscle cramps that you feel frequent often even every day, be careful. Especially if you are not an elderly or athlete who is vulnerable to muscle injury. So excessive salt intake is a fatal error and this should be immediately reduced.

5. Easy fatigue and frequent headaches

If your customer is a headache and easily tired, it is certain that you consume too much salt.

Excessive consumption of sodium is the answer to headache and fatigue.

Heal by eating fruits such as avocados, asparagus, and cauliflower.


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