Beranda English Article Top 10 Jobs For Those Who Hate Employed In An Working Workplace

Top 10 Jobs For Those Who Hate Employed In An Working Workplace

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Employed in an functioning office isn’t for everyone. The nine-to-five grind gets you down probably, or workplace politics aren’t your point maybe. Whatever the good reason, there’s you don’t need to resign you to ultimately spending your complete working life sense like you’re composing together with your non-dominant hand.

There are many non-office jobs out there that play to the strengths of the worker who’d rather telecommute, work outside, or spend their workdays on the highway.

Something here’s bound to end up being best for you.

Top 10 Careers for those who Hate Employed in an Office

1. Telemedicine Physician

As healthcare companies look to spend less, and patients grow used to having the ability to do from the comfort of their own house, telemedicine will knowledge a boom. For doctors who want a break from commuting to any office or medical center – or who reside in areas like Alaska, where said commute may involve small aircraft – telemedicine holds promise.

Median Annual Income (for Doctors, General Practice): $135,936 (Note: revenue for telemedicine doctors vary by company and condition. One telemedicine service provider tells Medscape that its doctors make just as much as $140 each hour – much like full-time personnel, and at part-time commitment.)

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024 (for all Physicians and Surgeons): 14 percent

How to be a Telemedicine Doctor: Like most doctors, telemedicine physicians want a medical licensure and level to practice.

They need to be personable and more comfortable with technology also, specifically, video conferencing software program.

2. Commercial or airline Pilot

Although much less fast-growing simply because some occupations upon this list, airline pilot can be an awesome work that won’t need you to spend any ideal amount of time in an work place. Of training course, it’s not really for everybody – if you’re bad under pressure, or capable or ready to put in enough time to become reliable and experienced pilot, this won’t end up being the right work for you.

Median Annual Income: $99,545

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024: 5 percent

How to be an Airline Pilot: At the very least, commercial pilots want a high college diploma and a business pilot’s permit. Airline pilots routinely have a bachelor’s level and an ATP certificate from the FAA.

3. Elevator Installer/Repairer

If you’re detail-oriented and inclined mechanically, a profession as an elevator installer/repairer could be the right fit. People in this functioning work spend their times repairing elevators, shifting sidewalks, and escalators.

Median Annual Income: $76,759

Projected Growth, 2014 – 2024: 13 percent

How to be an Elevator Installer/Repairer: This work requires a senior high school diploma and an apprenticeship, with senior high school classes in mathematics and mechanical drawing getting useful for learners who wish to compete for slot machine games in apprenticeship applications. Thirty-five states require workers to be licensed also.

4. Nurse Case Manager

Registered nurses who would like to home based will get jobs operating as nurse court case managers for hospitals easily, healthcare suppliers, or insurance firms. Nurse case managers help determine suitable treatment programs for patients.

Median Annual Income (for Nurse Case Managers): $69,233

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024 (for Authorized Nurses): 16 percent

How to be a Nurse Case Supervisor: Clinical knowledge is required because of this role, along with an associate’s or bachelor’s level in nursing. Nurse case managers ought to be more comfortable with technology.

5. Web Developer

One in seven web designers are self-employed, based on the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Figures, meaning that 1 in seven web developerscan miss the entire office experience and home based definitely. Many employers also enable their internet developer workers to telecommute on a complete- or part-period basis. This profession is an excellent fit for innovative, detail-oriented, tech-savvy people.

Median Annual Income: $57,758

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024: 27 percent

How to be a Web Programmer: Typical entry-level education can be an associate’s level, even though some employers might prefer a bachelor’s.


6. Wind Mill Technician

If you don’t brain heights as high as 260 foot above surface and desire to be at the forefront of the green energy motion, this working job may be ideal for you. Of spending your times toiling away under fluorescent lighting instead, you’ll fix and install wind generators in the wild.

Median Annual Income: $48,484

Projected Growth, 2014 – 2024: 108 percent

How to be a Wind Mill Technician: The normal entry-level education because of this function is some university, no level, per the Bureau of Labor Figures. Many attend a specialized college and receive on-the-job teaching from their employers.

7. EMT/Paramedic

If you prefer a career where you change lives in people’s lives truly, Paramedic or emt may be for you. People in these functioning jobs react to medical emergencies, offering life-saving treatment. A cool mind under great pressure is an in these careers must.

Median Annual Income: $36,927

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024: 24 percent

How to be an EMT/Paramedic: EMTs and paramedics should be licensed and attend a postsecondary training curriculum.

8. Line Installer/Repairer

Another job for somebody who isn’t scared of heights, collection installer/repairers maintain telecommunications and power lines. They’re the people you discover climbing up phone poles when cables are down or services expands.

Median Annual Income: $50,980

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024: 6 percent

How to be a Range Installer/Repairer: A lot of people in this work receive long-term on-the-job schooling, and several attend apprenticeship applications.

9. PC Support Specialist

If you’re a computer-savvy person and an excellent communicator, pc support professional is a good work-from-home job. Without every employer enables telecommuting, this function is indeed technology-dependent, there’s no dependence on companies to invest cash on property really.

Median Annual Income: $41,824

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024: 12 percent

How to be a PC Support Expert: Some employers prefer a bachelor’s level, however the most significant qualification because of this job is to learn what you’re performing simply. An associate’s or perhaps a few additional classes and a senior high school diploma could be enough.

10. Customer Support Representative

The work pictured first when people say “work-from-home job most likely, ” customer support representative includes a complete great deal to recommend it. It doesn’t need a large amount of education and teaching, and as stated, allows telecommuting often. While coping with the public could be a tiny grind in the long-term, this role may be the ideal short-term gig for the proper person.

Median Annual Income: $36,274

Projected Development Rate, 2014 – 2024: ten percent

How to be a Customer Services Representative: On-the-job schooling and a higher school diploma are certain to get you were only available in this role.

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