Beranda English Article 5 Ways to Keep Your Eye Health, Direct From a True Expert

5 Ways to Keep Your Eye Health, Direct From a True Expert

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eye health
eye health

When talking about health care in General, many have forgotten to consider the health of the eyes. Until then there is a problem.

It is indeed common for someone to experience eye problems, when it was in old age. However, do prevention since young can decrease these risks.

Luca Zatreanu, MD, retina expert from UCLA, USA, reveal how to maintain eye health. Zatreanu gives five ways are most important for maintaining eye health, which can be done by those in their 20s and 30s.

“This is a common recommendation,” Zatreanu explained. “Surely if considering personal health history, some of these recommendations may not be appropriate. The best option is to consult with a specialist to get a more personalized recommendation.”

Byrdie, alerts you of the following five recommendations lifestyle pattern can maintain the health of your eyes:

1. Healthy Eating Patterns

Just like everything related to health, diet always play an important role. Zatreanu recommend diets that are high in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E.

“Those who eat a lot of green vegetables tend to have eye function declines in respect of age is lower,” he said.

2. Stay Away from Smoking

If you need another reason to stop smoking, protect currency is a factor that is often missed.

“We all know the cardiovascular effects of smoking,” said Zatreanu, “but smoking also can increase the risk of cataracts of the eye functions decline at the same time in respect of the age.”

3. Remember the UV Protection

We definitely often remember the importance of using sunscreen or sunscreen. But not many feel wearing sunglasses is a form of protection.

Keep in mind, protect your eyes from UV rays is an important step to prevent problems in the future.

“UV rays can trigger a cataract has proven to be faster,” said Zatreanu. “But there is more and more evidence showing, exposure to direct sun light without sunglasses, can reduce the risk of a lifetime of nearsightedness. Especially if exposure to the Sun’s light is going on childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. ”

So according to Zatreanu, don’t miss the opportunity to play outdoors. At least in the morning.

4. Reduce the Playing Time Gadget

One of the most common habits that mess up the eye health is how much time we spend in front of a digital screen. Whether for work or play, staring at computer screens, cell phones, or tablet a day can give effect on the eyes.

“There is already evidence of the clear, blue light can cause retinal damage and accelerate the decrease in function of the eyes due to age, as well as cataracts,” said Zatreanu. “Blue light from LEDS can also disrupt the circadian rhythm, so we recommend that you avoid also the screen before going to bed.”

5. If You See Something, Check with Yours

The last step is to maintain good health, to always be aware of changes in vision.

“If you realize there is a sign or simtom, consult with an eye doctor immediately,” Zatreanu warned.

The first one to look out for if you see black spots. “You may have noticed when looking at the source of light, such as the screen or the sky appears black spots or like Spider’s nest,” he explained.

According to Zatreanu, this is the called vitreous floater, and they relate to changes in the structure of vitreous–jelly in the middle of the eye–which is very common.

But if you suddenly realized the advent of glimpses of a bright light, dark spots, or sesasi as it is a curtain that envelops the visions, it is simtom that should be checked immediately to the eye doctor as soon as possible. This could be indicating a possibility of release of the retina, says Zatreanu.


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