Beranda English Article 10 Most Profitable Small Businesses in This Year

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses in This Year

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Profitable Small Businesses
Profitable Small Businesses

What are the prospective and profitable business opportunities this year? To find the answer, we should look back at the business trends that have occurred in the past year, and analyze and predict global and local economic conditions in the coming year. Many economic observers are predicting that Indonesia’s economic situation and condition in this year will not be much different from previous years.

Domestic economic growth is estimated to be in the range of 5-6 percent. Global economic conditions, free trade, and the situation of China and the United States will affect the Indonesian economy. In addition, tensions and wars in some countries, such as Syrian state territory also affect the world’s economy. However, many people believe that this year the Indonesian economy is filled with optimism like last year.

As in previous years, one of the areas that have a significant influence in human life is the advancement of technology and information. Trends in the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones, smartwatch, and augmented reality will continue to be a part of human life. Internet usage and consumption of Indonesian people will be greater. Activity in the virtual world will be more intense, not only for social media purposes, but also for online shopping needs, access to information, to payments with digital money.

The emergence of new business opportunities in Indonesia also occurs from the influence of free trade policy. Since last year, countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, have agreed to a regional free trade that we know as MEA (ASEAN Economic Community). Therefore, we as citizens should strive to improve self-competence so as to compete (competition) with other countries. Well, what are the good business opportunities this year? This is a row of business with a small capital prospective in this year.

The 10 Most Profitable Small Businesses in This Year

1. Printing Business

As we know, that at the beginning of this year, many regions in Indonesia will hold the Election of Regional Head (especially in Indonesia called Pilkada). Pilkada activities simultaneously certainly usually require a variety of props and tools of elections, such as billboards, pamphlets, stickers, and also screen printing t-shirts. Moreover, this year is the starting point for election participating parties and candidates to introduce themselves to the public, although formally the fight will begin next year.

Well, the various facilities and infrastructure of the election will experience a considerable increase in demand. For those of you who have pioneered this printing business, will certainly be able to reap a good profit harvest this year. While for those of you who want to pioneer this business, it would not hurt to start printing business this year, while welcoming the national election event in the coming year. Then, what is the capital needed to open a printing business? For the provision of work tools, such as copy machines, billboards, printers, and the like, you need a capital of about 20-70 million rupiah ($ 1,540- $ 5,385). However, it depends on the capacity and brand of machine you choose.

2. Online Business

Since the last 5 years, the growth of online business in Indonesia continues to increase. This is shown by an increasingly widespread Internet network, and the price of internet devices are increasingly affordable. With a smartphone that costs 500 thousand rupiah ($50), the community has been able to surf in cyberspace smoothly. It is indirectly positive impact for the progress of internet business. Speaking of internet business, it turns out there are so many manifold. The five most popular online businesses for small businesses include:

  • E-Commerce Business Through Online Stores and Social Media.
  • Dropshipping and Affiliate Products Business.
  • Blogging, Youtubers, dan Vlog.
  • Online Business Services, such as Consultants, Language Translators, Graphic Designs, Online Courses, and the like.
  • Business developers of applications, software, and trading of other digital products.

3. Vacation and Leisure Accommodation Business

Holidays and recreation become one of the basic human needs. Therefore, plunging into this business promises good profit potential. Although the government’s plan to organize schooling only five workdays is not realized this year, but it will not dampen the potential of this business.

Lifestyle of Indonesian people who like “selfie using hp camera” in tourist attractions and share it in social media accounts, it turns out to be one of the driving force of the community to go sightseeing. You who have business travel services, tour guides, business souvenirs, inns, and restaurants will be able to taste the sweetness of business in this year.

4. Franchise Business

Since the last 5 years, franchise business increasingly popular in Indonesia. If 10-20 years ago, the concept of franchise business is only used for big capital businesses, such as supermarket franchises and fast food franchises, then these years the business concept of franchise partnership model has been familiar in the community.

Many local business actors are expanding their business scope with franchise schemes, especially food and beverage entrepreneurs. They offer partnership packages with small capital, ranging from 3 million to tens of millions of rupiah, call it among others is Pasco franchise for blander chocolate ice cream products are offered at a price of 6 million of rupiah. There is also Martabak Mini ( name of indonesian food) Africa Waka Waka franchise with partnership capital of 7 millions rupiah.

Franchise is a business concept that establishes a cooperation agreement between two parties, ie the owner / franchisor (known as the franchisor) with the franchise recipients (known as franchisees), where the recipient / franchisor is permitted to use and utilize various business devices, such as business brands, brands, recipes, intellectual property, products, etc. to obtain business profits in accordance with agreed agreements.

In addition to obtaining a royalty fee from the partner, the franchisor (franchisor) will also benefit as the business network becomes more widespread. Meanwhile, franchise partners (franchisee) will feel benefited because it can build business more quickly, practically and can market a product or brand that has been popular in the community.

For novice entrepreneurs, franchise business concept becomes the fastest way to start a business because we will be guided and taught to learn business, including preparing equipment and business equipment. However, to join a franchise partnership business, we usually have to spend more capital than building our own small business from zero.

5. Mobile Business Technology

Business related to mobile technology and its supporters are also predicted to decline further this year. You have a pulse counter, a hp counter, an app device maker, and things related to mobile gadget needs will feel sweet prospects in this year. Mobile technologies, such as mobile phones, tablets, smartwatch, PSP console games, and the like have become part of everyday life in Indonesia. According to an article described on the Business Insider website, that this year there are a number of different types of mobile technology trends that can gain billions of dollars in profits. Some of these trends, among others:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology or artificial intelligence and Learning Machine technology has become a popular term in 2016. Google and Microsoft have implemented this technology in every application made, including their search engine. Many startups also attempt to apply the principles of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to their technology performance and processes, such as the Gogobot traveling app.
  • Virtual Assistant Technology is increasingly widespread. Today, popular popular Virtual Assistants technology is Apple’s Siri, Windows-owned Cortana, and Google Now owned by Internet giant Google. This virtual personal assistant technology advancement will be able to bring new business opportunities, especially for large corporates.
  • Intelligent things mean that all devices and equipment will be equipped with intelligent technology. Drone plane, smart fridge, smart tv, smart card, and various other sophisticated goods will be more popular by the public.
  • Virtual and augmented reality are becoming more popular. Products to enjoy this technology will be more in demand, even in 2016 and games that utilize augmanted reality technology, the Pokemon Go, a game business that gain trillions of rupiah.
  • Digital financial technology is increasingly in demand. In the year 2015-2016 ago, the world of technology in the financial sector popularized by digital money called Bitcoin. The technology associated with it is predicted to be widely used this year. You are happy to cultivate business that utilizes technology, can try their luck in this sector.
  • Trends in the security sector (security) associated with mobile devices will be more expensive. Big companies and startups who are able to create a good security system will gain huge profits in the coming years, even according to research data estimated in 2021, the security business market share reached 7.07 billion US dollars.


6. Cross Country Business

Free trade in the era of Asean Economic Community certainly has a plus and minus impact. If you are creative and competent, then this era can be a good time to explore business opportunities. You who have a good product that is interested in overseas market and have a sufficient amount of capital, then can do export-import trade. As for small business actors with limited capital, can take advantage of the services of exporters to sell products abroad. Or open a sales business via online by using the freight service. This does have its own limitations, but at least this business opportunity is quite promising.

7. Fashion Business

Fashion or clothing is the primary goods that become the main human need. This business has a market share that there is no death. With the emergence of various modes every time, this business remains excited throughout the ages, including this year. Business of fashion products there are various kinds, ranging from small scale with screen printing, convection, to garment. Sales through small fashion stores, boutiques, distros, to wholesale via online.

For those of you who want to wrestle the business of making fashion products, such as clothes, pants, or hats, there are some tips that must be observed. First as a first step, you need to develop a detailed business plan, starting with details of capital requirements, details of equipment requirements and business supplies, number of required employees, packing, marketing process, profit-loss analysis, competitor analysis, promotion , challenge analysis to solutions if problems arrive. Next, you need to make designs and models of clothing that people are in love with. Third, you need to sell your fashion products at affordable prices and marketed through the real market (offline) and online market.

8. Culinary Business (Food & Beverage)

Just like the fashion business, business in the field of culinary & beverage aka food and beverage business is also regarded as a business throughout the ages. It will remain and is necessary throughout human life. Food and beverage businesses are also varied, ranging from menu variety, business scale, to business premises, such as carts, restaurants, restaurants, to the most sophisticated food delivery service with drones (small unmanned aircraft).

Well, the following are presented examples of unique culinary business, namely dodol banana peel (dodol is the name of Indonesian food). Perhaps the Indonesian people are familiar with dodol cake with a mixture of other ingredients, such as dodol durian, jackfruit dodol, seaweed dodol, and salak dodol. Then, what about dodol banana peel? Does not it feel strange?

Dodol banana peel is one of food innovation in the form of semi wet snack with high sugar content so it can last two to three monthly. The uniqueness of the ingredients and its taste make the production business of banana leather dodol as one of the alternative home business that is quite potential. To make dodol banana peel, you need ingredients that consist of:

  • Banana peel 1 kg.
  • Banana fruit 1/4 kg.
  • Glutinous rice 1/4 kg.
  • Rice flour or wheat flour 1/8 kg.
  • Red sugar 1/4 kg.
  • Sugar 1/2 kg.
  • Coconut milk 1000 ml.
  • Vanilla 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Salt 1 teaspoon.
  • Water enough.

The process of making dodol banana peel:

The first step is to wash clean bananas that have been cooked, then peeled to obtain skin and flesh. The next stage is to boil the banana skin until the texture becomes tender. After that the banana peel along with the flesh is crushed (mashed) with a blender machine to become like mush. Pour the dough of the slurry and mix well into the pan that has been added water with a ratio of 1: 1. Turn on the stove, then coconut milk poured into the dough. Stir gently in the pan to boil and greasy. Do not forget to add sugar and salt that has been prepared.

While stirring, on another container make the dough of glutinous flour and wheat flour with a mixture of water. After the flour dough is so, please pour into dodol dough and coconut milk that has been boiling. Stir slowly for 5 hours with a poke to make the cake dodol become mature and perfect legit. For packaging, dodol should be cooled first, then cut into chunks and wrapped in plastic or packaged paper.

Not only in Indonesia, this business can also run in your country. Maybe new food in your country will make this business grow and promise.

9. Gold Investment Business

Not a few of the international economies who predict the year 2017-2018 as an economic year full of fluctuations and dynamics. This can not be separated from the political and economic conditions in some areas that affect the global situation, such as the conflict in the Middle East, the tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the economic conditions of China, the situation in the United States with its new president, and several other big countries.

When the global situation is not good, the financial markets will be affected, and business people will transfer their wealth assets in the form of other properties, one of which is gold investment. This is what makes gold investment predicted quite shiny in the year 2017-2018. To invest in this precious metal sector, you do not have to start with hundreds of millions of rupiah. With a capital of 5 million rupiah, we can choose gold investment, whether it is a gold garden, gold bullion investment, gold coins, gold certificates, or gold jewelry.

10. Creative Product Business

Internet progress was a positive impact for business actors handicrafts and other creative products. They not only market through the store front of his house, but can do promotion to the world through the internet world. Therefore, in this year the business of making home made creative products, such as painting shoes, wedding parcels, waste recycling business, and the like will be able to gain a good profit.

Well, one example of creative and innovative products that have been successful in the past year is Lumio, a light that can be folded like a book and can be used anywhere with a battery that can last for 8 hours. This innovation product is the work of an Indonesian citizen living in the United States, named Max Gunawan. Users can use Lumio easily, just open Lumio like opening a book, then the light will be brightly lit. The unique stretch angle of the lamp book can reach 180 degrees (forming a circle) so it will look like a lantern ball. The uniqueness of Lumio’s products has attracted the ABC Shark Thank television network to be featured in a major event broadcast. From now on, Lumio products are in demand by the citizens of the United States and other countries in the world.

Such is the line of profitable business fields this year. In starting a business pioneer, you have to start it in accordance with your interests and field. In addition, do not forget to first do research or small-scale research to find out whether the business you are going to build it has a good chance or not in your area.

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