Beranda English Article Alert, 4 these Foods Increase the Risk of Cancer

Alert, 4 these Foods Increase the Risk of Cancer

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foods increase the risk of cancer
foods increase the risk of cancer

Unhealthy lifestyles, like smoking, can indeed increase the risk of cancer. But you know some foods also have the same effect?

Although there are no foods that specifically cause cancer, some cooking methods, techniques of planting, and some materials have been known to have a relationship with the appearance of some deadly disease.

However, it does not mean you have to stop eating the food your favorite. It is thus in fact could culminate in impingement and packed in a number of very much later.

“Try to eat something in a reasonable amount, while still eating fresh vegetables, such as broccoli,” say nutrition expert Luke Bucci, a certified nutrition expert and Vice President of research and development in the Ritual.

Alert, 4 these Foods Increase the Risk of Cancer

After knowing the above information, here are four foods that you should limit their consumption, such as launching Women’s Health:

1. Red Meat

Chicken or Roast Turkey could be a good alternative source of protein to build muscle. In contrast with red meat or processed meat, products are thus not providing too many benefits.

Some processed meats, such as sausage and bacon, created using nitrate which are carcinogenic. It is based on the analysis in the year 2015 from the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

This analysis also says, red meat has been associated with stomach cancer, colorectal, pancreatic and.

The more it gets worse again, according to this analysis, burning the flesh above open fire creates a cancer-causing compound. That means, you also really need to restrict consumption of sate.

The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests, try not eating red meat more than 18 grams each week in order to prevent the risk of cancer.

2. Canned Food

According to research in Enviromental Research Journal, the cans used to package foods containing bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been shown to be damaging to DNA.

It can magnify the risk of you suffering from certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes also.

So, when you want to buy canned food, packaging, labels and check it out select that have the “BPA-free” or “free CPA.”

Limit consumption of canned foods also you don’t get more than one prose per day.

3. The Pickle

Many people liked the pickled because it feels sharp. However, Bucci says pickles have been linked to stomach cancer.

But on the other hand, some types of pickles like cabbage kimchi and also has a good probiotic bacteria for the stomach. So, do not also completely stop consuming them.

Bucci suggest, if you want to consume pickles use also.

“Preventive Spice but often overlooked. Herbs can actually create a significant change if used a lot more than usual,”Bucci said.

He suggested to use turmeric, cinnamon, oregno, sage, rosemary, thyme, cloves, nutmeg, basil seeds, and red and white onions.

4. Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking alcoholic beverages is excessive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can increase the risk of various cancers. Including liver cancer, breast, and colon.

Women should not eat more than one serving of alcohol per day.


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