Beranda English Article Turmeric Can Prevent Forgotten Habit? Myth or Fact?

Turmeric Can Prevent Forgotten Habit? Myth or Fact?


Who would have thought turmeric as one of the kitchen spices that are often present in various Indonesian dishes this was not only useful to lavish the food. Turmeric is also believed to be an herb that can prevent the habit from forgetting someone. Is it true?

Quoted from the Independent, a research journal conducted by the University of California Los Angeles revealed that turmeric is able to help people who often experience symptoms of forgetfulness or loss of memory associated with age, when consumed regularly.

The content of curcumin

This is because the existing curcumin content can reduce brain inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s disease and severe depression.

In the study mentioned that you simply consume as many as 90 milligrams of turmeric twice a day.

Special benefits of turmeric

The results are quite satisfactory, those who regularly consume for 18 months showed mild improvement. Not only that, the results of the study also mentioned that not only helps restore the memory of turmeric is also believed to improve mood and a sense of pleasure in someone.


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