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cheat engine
cheat engine

DARFILE.COM – Cheat Engine (also known as CE) is software created by Eric Heijnen for computers with Windows operating systems, Cheat Engine is actually a debugger, memory scanner and a hex editor. Because this software is popularly used by gamers to play “cheat”, now we know why this software is named “Cheat” Engine. Not only that, because of its function as a hex editor and debugger, Cheat Engine is also often used to modify and recompile (re-compile) a file or application (* .exe, * .dll, * .ocx and so on).

Advantages of Cheat Engine

Can change game parameters easily

There are so many parameters in a game that can be modified using Cheat Engine such as the amount of money or coins in the game, the number of “lives” of a character in the game, the amount of ammunition in a gun-themed game and the number of other items in the game, especially native games, not an online game although some parameters in the online game (especially with synchronized distributed or local databases) can be modified using Cheat Engine.

Cheat Engine modifies a parameter by scanning the value of the parameter, the first scan is performed to find out the initial value of a parameter, if the value of the parameter changes, the Cheat Engine will detect the change on the second scan so that a parameter with a value relevant to the parameter whose value is wanted modified, value changes are generally only applied to the current game session.

Has a Pointer Scanner feature to scan pointers for an address

Pointers or pointers in this discussion are references that indicate the location of the address of memory and get the value stored at that address location. As an analogy, the page numbers in the table of contents of a book can be said to be a pointer, where each page number is considered as a pointer to the appropriate page, each page can be analogous to an address in memory.

Cheat Engine can scan an address in memory to get a list of pointers that indicate the location of an address that has a certain value, a list of pointers obtained from the scanning results can be stored in a file, a list of pointers obtained will be very many because not all pointers will be useful if the address changes (use the analogy “table of contents” as a list of pointers with “book page number” as the address, only in memory “book page number” can change).

Cheat Engine can also find out the address (in memory) that an instruction is accessing. This feature is useful for setting a breakpoint on an instruction (or code) so that the user can see every address that is accessed while the program (in this case the game) is running, the user can also see the value of the address at that time (including viewing FPU and Snapshot) and display it in “stack” or Stack View.

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