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iobit uninstaller
iobit uninstaller

DARFILE.COM – IObit Uninstaller is a Windows application that can make it easier for you to uninstall or clean junk files left by deleted applications.

Actually we can also delete applications through the Control Panel menu in Windows, but this method is not entirely effective because most applications still leave residual files if deleted using this method.

Users can actually delete applications and residual application files manually, but of course this method takes a lot of time, especially if you have installed a lot of applications.

Therefore, IObit Uninstaller is here to make it easier for users of Windows XP, Vista, 8, 7, 8.1, and Windows 10. Using this application you can easily uninstall and clean residual application files with just a few steps.

The advantages of IObit Uninstaller

Actually, there are many uninstaller applications that we can use on Windows, but because of its various advantages, IObit is the choice of many people. So because before you download it, first consider some of the advantages of the IObit Uninstaller application below:

1. Completely uninstalling the program

IObit Uninstaller can be used to remove programs (uninstall) or remove installation files that are no longer used.

Even this application developed by IObit can also delete applications that cannot be removed using a method commonly used by Windows users.

2. Safe and fast

Not only is it able to clean junk files or uninstall applications, but IObit is also equipped with security features that can protect your computer from malicious toolbars in browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and so on.

3. Software update feature is available

Windows software that is rarely updated can also act as a bridge for malicious people to insert malicious programs onto your computer. Because we are so busy, sometimes we forget to update the software that is installed.

Now by using IObit Uninstaller, you will not forget again because this application is equipped with a software update feature that can make it easier for you to check whether the software installed on Windows is newer or not.

If there is a newer version, you can also download it directly through the IObit Uninstaller application without the hassle of opening the software to be updated, no need to worry about security, because you will be directed to the official website of the software publisher.

4. Remove Windows default applications

Not all Windows default applications are needed by users, sometimes these applications only narrow storage space.

By using IObit Uninstaller, you can not only remove third-party applications, but you can also remove built-in Windows applications even if you are not an administrator.

5. Extensive database

To increase its security, IObit comes with an extensive database to help users eradicate malicious programs and rogue browser plug-ins.

In short, IObit Uninstaller is the right application for those of you who want to completely remove Windows applications from the root. Although this application provides a PRO version which is equipped with more features, but for ordinary users the free version is certainly more than enough.

Download IObit Uninstaller

Download the Latest Free IObit Uninstaller by clicking the button below.

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