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DARFILE.COM – WinRAR is software that functions to unite or pack several files at once into a file with the standard *.rar extension format. After the files are packaged, it will be easier to redistribute the file. For example, through e-mail, installer software, and backup files.

WinRAR is a universal software that is popularly used among users because it supports 47 languages ​​throughout the world. In addition, WinRAR is available free of charge which can be downloaded from the official page, even though the developer also provides a paid version which certainly provides more capabilities in terms of compressibility.

WinRAR features:

1. Supports Many Compression Formats

The RAR format is not the only compression format available, there are still many others. Examples are ZIP, 7-ZIP, JAR, TAR, GZ and still very much more.

You don’t need to install a lot of compression software, just WinRAR. Because WinRAR supports almost all popular compression formats.

2. Recovering Damaged Compression Files

During the compression process, something can happen. For example, power outages, or problems connecting to the hard disk and others. The result, causes file compression to be corrupted.

WinRAR supports the format process by reverse engineering. This makes it able to recover lightly damaged compression files.

3. Supports Password Usage

WinRAR is also equipped with security features. This is of course to make sure all your compression files are safe, will not be used by anyone.

With this security feature, you can set a password in all the compression files you make. The password that is created is not specified.

4. Supports the Use of Encryption

If you feel the password is still not safe, you can use the security features further. This feature is to encrypt files.

The encryption layer used is 256-bit. This is equivalent to the military encryption layer, making it a super secure security feature.

5. Supports Archive Comments

Generally compressed files have a large number. In fact, many internet users do compression on files totaling tens of gigabytes.

To make it easier to mark multiple files, WinRAR supports placing comments. So that people who do ektract will understand what happened.

6. There is a log error

When doing compression or extracting, it is very possible to have an error. If you use other compression software, generally you will be confused what to do.

In WinRAR, there is a log history. That means you can find out all the problems when doing compression or extracting. Very helpful feature.

7. Optimize Compression feature

When doing compression, generally the computer will be slow. This is due to computer resources used for the compression process.

But if you use WinRAR, both during compression and ekstract, your computer will still be used as usual. Just a little slower.

8. Trial Free Forever

WinRAR is actually paid. This software has a price that is quite expensive, which is around $ 40. Actually worth it, remember the sophisticated.

But interestingly, you can use the trial of this software for free. More interestingly, the trial is not limited to time forever.

Download WinRAR

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