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dbpoweramp music converter
dbpoweramp music converter

DARFILE.COM – dBpoweramp Music Converter is a collection of audio applications that can be used to convert (convert) and CD Ripper audio files in a professional manner so as to make the conversion and ripping results perfect.

This tool is able to convert Audio CDs into MP3 files or vice versa in a way that is very easy and fast. Once the program is run, dbPowerAmp Music Converter will immediately request the source of the audio file format. WAV, .MP3, .MPA, .MPG, or .CDA. After that you will enter the main menu of this software. There are 3 choices of the final conversion results, namely MP3 (lame), Test Conversion (No Write), and Wave.

For MP3s, with the help of a slider, you can determine the amount of bitrate (32-320kbps), which will later determine the quality and size of the resulting file. Especially for those who want to save on mobile, easy and simple to use this program. Usually for HP at a bitrate between 50-80 kbps, just set the results you want yourself.

For WAV options, you can determine the audio quality by adjusting the bits (8, 16 (CD), 24 (DVD), frequency (8000 – 192000 Hz), and number of Channels (mono, stereo).

Illustrate dBpoweramp Music Converter is the best audio converter and ripping application used by professional users in the field of audio editing. To get perfect results, after installing do not forget to install additional codecs that are available here.

Download dBpowerAMP Music Converter

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