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mysql workbench
mysql workbench

DARFILE.COM – Maybe some people (especially programmers) feel familiar with the term MySQL or SQL. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a type of programming language used to access and manage data in a relational database. The use of SQL has been recognized by the whole world because it has followed the ANSI standard and is used in relational database management. For supporting tools or software, most probably prefer MySQL Administrator or phpmyadmin as the first choice.

But those two softwares have weaknesses in terms of efficiency because the process of writing queries (commands) is still manually. Imagine if you are required to manage multiple tables in one database by the company you work for, it must be very troublesome. Therefore, in this article the author recommends MySQL Workbench as a helper tool or software in managing database.

Main Functions of MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a software or application that is used to create and manage databases. The function and use of this software is not too much different when compared to other software or tools such as phpmyadmin or HeidiSQL, but many database administrators or professional database developers prefer to use it. This is because the method used by MySQL Workbench in designing, designing or even managing a database is considered more efficient, even this can automatically facilitate the performance of users or the database manager.

In terms of functional MySQL Workbench the same as other tools in general, namely making models and database design, writing SQL Queries, and managing databases. But in terms of use, of course everyone has different choices according to their abilities and needs. MySQL Workbench is very suitable for database admins who want a simpler process but the results are still satisfying.

MySQL Workbench was developed by one of the best software developers in the world, namely Oracle Corporation and was officially released in 2012. By looking at Oracle as the developer, of course, proving the performance of this one software. Another advantage is that you can download MySQL Workbench for free both on the official website and on other links that are widely spread on the internet, because most other tools are downloaded for free.

Seeing the convenience that you get in this MySQL Workbench software does not mean you don’t need to learn the SQL programming language. We recommend that you keep learning and implementing the SQL language first in phpmyadmin. This will be very important because the basic database administrator is a SQL query. If you do not understand the basics, of course you will experience difficulties in managing your database, even though using MySQL Workbench.

Download MySQL Workbench

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