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Download PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.322.10

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pdf-xchange viewer
pdf-xchange viewer

DARFILE.COM – PDF-XChange is a free PDF file reader software that is equipped with various features such as text, notes and other annotations.

PDF-XChange Viewer, adopts the appearance and features of a web browser. With the tab preview feature (from Opera Web Browser) and thumbnail tab (from Windows Internet Explorer). Plus several marking features that can be directly used on PDF documents without having to re-edit, and again all of those features are not given an advertisement in the form of a watermark that is usually found in trial or shareware programs.

Created by the Tracker Software developer, PDF-XChange is a PDF file reader software which is equipped with more complete features.

Next is a stamp feature that is commonly used for valid proof of a document. There are several stamp options provided by PDF-XChange Viewer, but users can add their own stamp using image files (supports almost all formats).

Not only the above features, Developer Tracker Software also tries to compete with Foxit Software. With the portable version of PDF-XChange Viewer available, it is suitable for mobile users who don’t want to bother with installation. The portable version is much smaller than the installer version.

Download PDF-XChange Viewer

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