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DARFILE.COM – VeraCrypt is a program to build and maintain encrypted volumes on the fly, a very secure method of encrypting data that all data stored on encrypted volumes can be read (decrypted) without using a password.

Keeping your data safe is not difficult, you just need to separate confidential data from other data to make it easier to secure. Many methods you can do to keep files safe, including locking files, hiding files or encryption.

VeraCrypt is a replacement for TrueCrypt, whose development was stopped last year. The Development Team stopped it because there were some problems that arose when TrueCrypt security was leaked. This application is available for free on Windows, OS X and Linux.

If you are looking for encryption software like TrueCrypt but not TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt supports AES TwoFish and Serpent encryption, supports creation of hidden, encryption volume and other volumes. You can see the code but it’s really open source. These tools are also being developed continuously, with security updates and updates according to the wishes of the developer.

This application is very simple and useful in terms of encryption. This tool can open TrueCrypt volumes, and claim that it has an algorithm that increases security and makes it difficult to crack.

Download VeraCrypt

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