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DARFILE.COM – Zoom Cloud Meetings is an application that can be used to hold online meetings, meetings or video conferences. Apart from providing a paid version, this application can also be used for free on Windows PC.

Even so, for home users who want to chat with friends or relatives the free version is more than enough. Meanwhile, for business users, you may need a paid version to get complete features.

This application made by Zoom Video Communications is currently a fairly popular virtual meeting application. The reason is, Zoom Meetings is equipped with a myriad of features that can provide the best experience during virtual meetings.

The advantages of Zoom Cloud Meetings

There are many virtual meeting applications that you can use, apart from Microsoft Teams, this application is also a favorite choice of many users. The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason. Here are some of the advantages of Zoom Meetings that you need to know:

1. Hold meetings for up to 100 participants

One of the reasons many people prefer Zoom is that it is free and can hold meetings with many participants, the free version can hold meetings of up to 100 participants.

However, the Basic Package or free users can hold a meeting of up to 40 minutes when a meeting is with 3 or more participants. Meanwhile, if you hold a meeting of two people, it is not limited by time.

2. Complete video conferencing features

Using this application you can hold video conferences with HD sound quality and HD videos up to 720p. In addition, this application is also equipped with the ability to detect the person who is speaking.

If you lack confidence when holding a meeting because of the location that is not supportive, you can use a virtual background image to make it look more attractive. Interestingly, the host can also select multiple participants to share the screen simultaneously during the meeting.

3. Group chat is available

Apart from being able to discuss or collaborate via video, using this application you can send text to group chats, send files, share screenshots, send pictures and so on.

4. Security

Despite being plagued by security issues, Zoom currently uses 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt user content. In addition, this application also uses SSL to provide communication security and privacy on the internet.

In short, if you are looking for a free online meeting app that can accommodate a large number of attendees, then this app might just be the right choice for you.

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