Beranda English Article Out Blood During Pregnancy, When to See a Doctor?

Out Blood During Pregnancy, When to See a Doctor?

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out blood during pregnancy
out blood during pregnancy

Pregnancy became a highly anticipated moment in the life of a woman. But not easily through 40 weeks of pregnancy without a hitch.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, women will experience a sense of easy, hungry cravings, tired and sore in the area of pelviks. This is something that is normal but there is a limit. So too with flecks of blood and inherent in the panties.

Flecks of blood and comes out during pregnancy often makes women freak out, because it does not know what to do. Will appear a variety of questions: what happened with the fetus? Is this a sign of a miscarriage?

Alert you of Boldsky, before going to the doctor and the stress, it’s good you recognize what patches attached panties.

According to a survey, about 20 percent of women experience spotting at least one time in their pregnancy. This bleeding is said to be normal when there is a minimal amount of blood being discharged, i.e. just a point or the creature brown patches.

But when the blood keeps coming out does not stop, you should go to your midwife or obstetrician. Similarly, if the blood out in large quantities and no longer shaped patches. Or when the blood came out accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen.

Out Blood During Pregnancy

Causes of blood come out during pregnancy:

  1. Bleeding common in some women when the implantation of the egg. When the egg will attach to the uterine wall, there will be blood that apart from in utero.
  2. Blood Patches that are not ehnti can be a sign of pregnancy etopik. Condition in which the embryo grows outside the uterus.
  3. Pregnancy much changes many things in the body. Pregnant hormones can cause irritation of the cervix in early pregnancy, which can also cause spotting.
  4. Having sex during pregnancy can cause a discharge of blood spots. This is completely normal. However, you are advised to follow the instructions from your Gynecologist prior to engaging in such action.
  5. Bleeding in the second or third trimester You can be caused by various reasons such as placenta previa or short term delivery.


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