Beranda English Article If The Impact Of This, Still Want The Consumption Of Salty Foods?

If The Impact Of This, Still Want The Consumption Of Salty Foods?

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consumption of salty foods
consumption of salty foods

Excessive consumption of salted foods not only has an impact on weight once soared. Salty foods like chips or instant noodles make great we risk experiencing bone fragility, and leads to osteoporosis.

One of the staff of the site click on the doctor, Dr. Nadia Octavia, saying, it is true this bone problems often occur on the elderly. But it does not cover the possibility of attacking the young people, who are fond of eating salty foods.

He explains, based on findings from the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, United States, habits of eating salty foods or high salt levels can lower bone density.

“This is because the higher the sodium (salt) you consume, the body will secrete more calcium through urine,” said he quoted from the homepage click on the doctor.

The evidence that reinforces the dangers of salty foods

The evidence is reinforced by the results of research from Oregon State University, who found a mature woman can experience a decrease in bone density of one percent every year, simply because of the habit of consuming foods high in sodium.

Plus also if the person is lazy exercise. Nadia says, muscles or bones will become more powerful on and if we diligently are doing physical activity.

However, if instead, the muscle and the bone become increasingly weak, so that the risk of having a problem of bone and osteoporosis will be higher.


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