Beranda English Article 5 Employee Alerts Already at the Lowest Point of Career, You Included?

5 Employee Alerts Already at the Lowest Point of Career, You Included?

lowest point of career
lowest point of career

It seems almost everyone has been at the lowest point in the workplace, especially in work. Whatever his job, of course can not be separated from the condition. Especially if you work within the scope of the office, it would be vulnerable to experience this condition.

Starting from depression to severe stress will be experienced by anyone who is at the lowest point. There are many things that cause it. Starting from the burden of work that accumulates, overtime every day, misunderstand in the work environment, and many other things that make you not focus in completing the job.

If left unchecked, it can cause the productivity level to decline and certainly not good for the job. To avoid this, you need to know what caused the condition to happen.

You must know exactly what the signs are. Here are some signs that are often not realized, but can make employees at the lowest point in the workplace.

1. Missing Focus in Working

Loss of focus in working just fine happens if you feel bored with the same job and constantly done every day. However, if you just let it, of course, can affect your professional image in the office.

You can be difficult to concentrate, even just to do something simple. If it’s like this, immediately do a way to get you relaxed for a moment from work in the office.

2. Difficult in Delivering Something

Never mind speaking directly with other colleagues in the office, communicating by using a solid and short e-mail becomes difficult to do. People who are experiencing stress usually will easily lose the spirit though just for a chat.

At that time, maybe the condition was not in good condition. The impact, what is in his mind will not be in line with his actions at that time. In fact, convey something or opinion becomes one of the important things.

3. More Using Feelings than Thoughts

Sometimes people who are at the lowest point feel more sensitive and aggressive when in an office environment. Sensitive and aggressive are the two traits that often appear simultaneously.

If both conditions are continuously left unchecked, it is not impossible that the person can perform actions that are not commendable. Of course, it will cause conflict between employees especially if each other does not understand each other.

4. Lacking Care with Himself

Stress indirectly will make you forget the condition of health and body appearance. Not only makes the work rate decrease, people who often experience stress will make him indifferent to his appearance. This is because his mind will only be focused on his work alone.

If left in a long time, then of course will make you difficult to control it and make the mood always feel bad. As a result, health and appearance become a matter of little concern.

5. Often Come Too Late Than Punctual

Another symptom that is often not realized by most people are when they are often late to work. Employee discipline level at the lowest point will decrease along with the stress he felt. Not only can cause late entry into the office, but also certainly will be late in completing the job.

Immediately Find the Way Out

Being at the lowest point is not a good thing if you let it go on and on. Not only will it interfere with your performance, but it will also interfere with your life. For that, immediately find a way out so that this condition can not damage your life.


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