Beranda English Article Tricks to Circumvent the Banana So That it Cannot Quickly Black

Tricks to Circumvent the Banana So That it Cannot Quickly Black

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Al you have to first know about store banana is: do not store in the refrigerator, especially the banana before completely cooked.

The banana is a tropical fruit, no wonder we are so easy to find this fruit throughout the year in various types. It’s also that makes bananas so can’t stand the cold.

Store bananas in the refrigerator will make it can not completely cooked, at least once, according to an expert on bananas from Chiquita Banana, citing Health. Even after put back in room temperature, it is likely the bananas to ripen will be lost.

When the ripe banana, it’s going to be so sweet, soft, fragrant and, at the same time so tanned. Color change on banana it doesn’t mean he’s been foul.

It is a natural process. The more ripe banana, chocolate will be more color.

If you are a stickler like to store bananas in the refrigerator, the best time to do it is when it has begun to brown spots appear in the skin of a banana. This indicates, carbs in it has changed so the sugar.

Do not store in a closed place

Harold McGee in On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen saying, “So the fruit is cooked, they can be stored in the refrigerator while her skin had started to appear patches.” But he also reminded, the skin of the fruit can still be blackened.

But don’t worry, an already blackened banana that still can you use. Even though his performance did not look convincing.

Christina Tosi of the Milk Bar precisely said, the already blackened bananas that will give you the best flavor and fragrance when processed into food.

But the best way to keep bananas stay fresh as long as the possible is to buy it in a State still a little green. Then let the bananas there at room temperature until they’re ready to eat.

Do not store bananas in a bag, or a place closed. This will only make it so fast stinking.


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