Beranda English Article 8 This Nail Condition Indicate Health Problems the Body

8 This Nail Condition Indicate Health Problems the Body

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nail condition
nail condition

If you want to know the matter of one’s own health as a whole, pay attention to the nails. Fingernails are a reflection of the health of the body.

Conditions that occur in the nails can indicate health conditions, such as skin health problems, according to a specialist Dermatology Christine Poblete-Lopez. Note any sign on or around the fingers nails or toe nails.

8 This Nail Condition Indicate Health Problems the Body

Reported by from Cleveland Clinic, if suddenly seemed a strange condition, should be dealt with immediately is the best course of action is to see a doctor as soon as possible. The actions of care could also be adapted to the condition of the nails.


The nails of fingers and toes are closely related to hair. Similar like hair loss, which may be due to prolonged stress, nails can also show symptoms of stress. The sign is most often a matter of stress from nails cause transverse lines that appear on the nails.

Moles or melanoma

Concern about the color of nail polish is one of the most widely heard complaint of patients. Discoloration usually appears in the form of the line that is formed from the cuticle (the skin is white and hard, which is on the edge of the nail).

You should consult a dermatologist if the skin on the hard nail changes color into the color of chocolate. Brown line that goes into the cuticle can be a sign of the melanoma.


Small cysts that grew near or on the cuticle may arise because of arthritis (inflammation of joints). This is benign and is best handled by the surgeon.


This common skin condition usually characterized by scaly red patches. This is spotting can also affect fingernails fingers and toenails. If the nail is yellow-red, then it shows psoriasis.

Kidney disease

Some changes in the nails can indicate an acute or chronic kidney disease. According to Dr. Poblete-Lopez, there are several lines that show signs of kidney disease.

Beau Line

The line that runs from side to side it could be a symptom of acute kidney disease.


The often rough nail concave showed symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

Stripes or white spots

The white stripes and white spots on the nails can indicate chronic kidney disease.

Darier disease

Darier’s disease is a rare genetic disorder that appears in adolescence. This mark appears on the finger nail, and feet be either width stripes, which are white or reddish transverse.

To prevent health problems from the mark on the nail, Dr. Poblete-Lopez suggests, you can take care of the nails in order to stay hydrated and eat balanced meals. Make sure you are consuming enough B vitamins and zinc. Two of these nutrients is very beneficial to strengthen your nails.


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