Beranda English Article 18 Big Paying Jobs for People Who Hate Mathematics, Anything?

18 Big Paying Jobs for People Who Hate Mathematics, Anything?

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What lesson did you like when you went to school? What is the Mathematics answer? If so, those feelings may not disappear until now, and you may not even be interested in plunging into a world of work involving Mathematics.

Fortunately, however, there are plenty of high-paying jobs for those who can not stand figuring out numbers and sifting through the day.

Business Insider combs through the Job Information Network (O * NET), a US Department of Labor database that gathers detailed information on hundreds of jobs, to find positions with above-average annual salaries, which do not require heavy Mathematics skills.

O * NET ranked how important the use of Math to solve problems in any job, and assigns each Mathematics importance level between 1 to 100.

Mathematics-centered positions, such as Mathematicians and Statisticians, rank between 90 and 100 on the spectrum, while jobs such as massage therapists and actors are ranked 10 down.

So, what about the other positions? For more details, the following positions with the highest payout with the importance of Mathematics 31 or less, as reported by Business Insider.

18. Engineer of the Ship

Mathematics importance level: 28

This engineer supervises and coordinates the activities of the crew that operates and maintains the machine.

17. Technical Director/Manager

Mathematics importance level: 28

This work requires the coordination of the activities of the technical department, such as recording, editing, engineering, and maintenance for radio or television programs.

16. Stage, Film, Television and Radio Directors

Mathematics importance level: 28

Directors interpret scripts, perform exercises, and direct activities of player and technical crew for stage, film, television or radio programs.

15. Historical Teacher

Mathematics importance level: 28

These professors teach courses in human history and historiography.

14. Sociology Teacher

Mathematics importance level: 28

These professors teach sociology courses at the university or at the graduate level.

13. Carriers, Equipment, and System Inspectors

Mathematics importance level: 25

The inspector is in charge of inspecting and monitoring transport equipment, vehicles and / or systems to ensure that they comply with safety regulations and standards.

12. Couples of Ships, Boats, and Barges

Mathematics importance level: 22

Couples oversee or coordinate the activities of crews, boats, barges, or dredgers.

11. Tooth Hygiene

Mathematics importance level: 22

Hygiene cleans teeth and checks the areas of the mouth, head, and neck for signs of mouth disease.

10. Teachers of Study, Ethnicity, and Culture

Mathematics importance level: 25

These professors teach courses relating to the culture and development of a region, ethnic group, or other group, such as Latin American studies, women’s studies, or urban affairs.

9. Psychology Clinic

Mathematics importance level: 31

Psychologists diagnose or evaluate individual mental and emotional disorders through observation, interviews, and psychological tests.

8. Acupuncturist

Mathematics importance level: 31

Acupuncturists provide treatment for symptoms and abnormalities using needles and small electrical currents.

7. Power Plant Operators

Mathematics importance level: 28

The operator controls and maintains the engine to generate electricity.

6. Elevator Installer and Repairman

Mathematics importance level: 22

These workers assemble, install, repair, or maintain an electric or hydraulic elevator or passenger elevator, escalator.

5. Political Science Teacher

Mathematics importance level: 25

These professors teach courses in political science, international affairs, and international relations.

4. Occupational Therapist

Mathematics importance level: 28

Occupational therapists assess, plan, organize, and participate in rehabilitation programs that help build or restore employment, home-based work, and life skills.

3. Compliance Manager

Mathematics importance level: 28

Managers plan, direct, or coordinate organizational activities to ensure compliance with ethical or regulatory standards.

2. Law teacher

Mathematics importance level: 25

The law professor teaches law courses at university or graduate level.

1. Judge

Mathematics importance level: 28

The judge decides, advises, judges, or administers justice in court.


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