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In order for Business Success, Find Out Assessment from Customers Through This Way

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online shopping illustrations
online shopping illustrations

Business travel will not be perfect if there is no input from customers. This is certainly very reasonable because the customer is the key to determining the success or failure of a business.

Without customers, the company will go bankrupt because no one buys the goods the company produces.

In order for a business owned to grow rapidly, a businessman needs to know the extent to which the business is able to serve customers. With the assessment of customers, the company became aware of the level of customer satisfaction so far.

To get customer ratings, do the following ways.

1. Do Surveys on Place

Many merchant centers conduct on-site surveys to assess customer ratings. How to use a small monitor.

After shopping, customers must click on the image or emoticons available on the screen. Images or emoticons that represent the feelings of customers during shopping.

Companies may collect these assessments daily to see if the services provided are increasing or decreasing. If the company gets a less than satisfactory assessment, the company can immediately improve itself.

2. Send Content via E-mail

This method is widely used online shop in Indonesia. After the item reaches the customer’s hand, the company will send the content to the e-mail. The content usually contains about the service, the suitability of the goods purchased, and the quality of the item.

Delivery of content via e-mail can be done a few days after the item reached the hands of consumers. Avoid asking for judgment when the goods have not arrived because this attitude is not polite and can damage the business image.

3. Take Advantage of Live Chat Feature

As we know, live chat features are provided to build good relationships with customers. Large-scale online business people usually take advantage of live chat features like this to get closer to the customer. This feature also helps answer all customer inquiries about an item the company sells.

Live chat feature is very efficient compared to other features. However, companies should be swift to answer any questions from customers. If the company is letting the customer wait too long, the ratings are not in line with expectations.

4. Assessment Through Social Media

Online businesspeople usually use social media to promote their merchandise. In addition, businesspeople can also take advantage of social media-based sites or applications to get ratings from customers. The existence of social media makes the customer more flexible to comment on the services provided by the company.

Good bad customer ratings will be displayed on the social media. If the company gets a bad rating, the company’s image will be bad in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, treat customers as best they can. Not only in terms of service, but in terms of product quality is marketed.

5. Provide Comments Box

The availability of comment box helps customers to express their hearts regarding the service and quality of products sold.

Comments box can be filled anytime and anywhere. The comment box has a uniqueness in which every customer can comment as much as he wants.

Other buyers can access all comments from customers only by scroll up or scroll down which can be used as consideration before purchasing an item.

6. Provide Appraisal Platform

Specific platforms that are intended to be special blogs whose contents are only intended to discuss customer ratings. Any customer ratings can be inputted directly into the blog to ensure the quality of the company in the eyes of its customers.

The existence of a special blog related to the assessment makes the business orderly. Because customer responses are thoroughly loaded on one platform only.

Customer Satisfaction Number One

Success or failure of the business will depend on the customer. Treat customers in a special way, provide satisfactory service and keep the quality of the goods so that customers do not move to another heart. Remember, the customer is number one. Never let them down.


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