Beranda English Article 5 Effective Ways to Resolve the Sleepy Time of Solid Activity

5 Effective Ways to Resolve the Sleepy Time of Solid Activity

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sleepy time of solid activity
sleepy time of solid activity

The arrival of the sleepy sense is a sign that the body needs a break from all the activity that’s been tempered a day. The best way to do is to go rest and sleep.

However, sometimes the activities or work that the solid often makes you sleep deprivation must resist the drowsiness. Then how do I solve it?

5 Effective Ways to Resolve the Sleepy Time of Solid Activity

Alert you of Bright Side page, you could try the following five effective ways to overcome the drowsiness that hit in the middle of the dense activity.

1. Avoid drinking lots of coffee or energy drinks

Both types of these beverages can indeed restore your energy when the body is tired. But unfortunately, it is only temporary. The body will be very limp and tired in the next morning.

2. Breakfast ice cream in the morning

Although it sounds unusual, but ice cream is proven to be able to ‘ wake up ‘ your brain. Not because of the sugar content, but the cold temperature of the ice cream may change the drowsiness so much passion. But don’t make breakfast ice cream became a habit, Yes.

3. Do exercise in the morning

No need to do heavy exercise in the morning. You simply do 3 to 5 simple movements to add energy to the body.

4. Take a shower with warm water

Bathing with warm water can overcome my tired and drowsiness. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or essential oils into bath water. The pungent aroma of the oils together will give the effect of relaxing.

5. Eat a little sugar

Eating too much sugar can cause drowsiness instead come unexpected. If you want to eat sweet food before the activity, we recommend that you eat fruits with a natural sweetness.


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