Beranda English Article 7 Ways to Make your Smile Look Perfect

7 Ways to Make your Smile Look Perfect

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ways to make your smile look perfect
7 ways to make your smile look perfect

Hello friend darsitek, this time darsitek wants you to know how to make your smile perfect. Let’s see this brief article for a moment, okay.

Nothing can beat a beautiful smile, and here are seven ways to get a beautiful smile photo according to a toothpaste expert, as reported by Indian Express.

7 ways to make your smile look perfect

1. Try to create contrasting colors between your skin color and your teeth to make your teeth look brighter.

2. If you have a thicker upper lip, try showing off a bit of your teeth when smiling. However, if you have a thin upper lip, try smiling so that the bottom edge of the upper teeth touches your bottom lip.

3. If you want your teeth to shine in a photo, wet your teeth with water before taking a picture.

4. Try using a red or pink lipstick with a bit of blue to make your tooth look brighter. Color lipstick like the color of rock or orange make your teeth look yellow. Also, add lip gloss before using lipstick, to boost spirits when smiling.


5. Show eight of your teeth, that’s the perfect amount for a beautiful smile.

6. Smile based on your face shape. If you have a long face shape, better highlight the horizontal aspect of the tooth. Meanwhile, if your face is square, try smiling broadly. This will help your face look more oval.

7. Know your angle and take the picture according to the angle. Tilt your head while posing for a photo. Most people do not have perfect symmetrical faces, so you can get a more interesting angle if you are not facing straight into the camera.

Okay, maybe that’s 7 ways to make your smile perfect. Please share if you like, and subscribe to this site if you want to follow the content update, thanks.


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