Beranda English Article Tips to Reduce the Severity of Acne

Tips to Reduce the Severity of Acne

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Tips to Reduce the Severity of Acne

Hello and how are you? This time i will wrote the article for all of you aboutΒ Tips to Reduce the Severity of Acne. Of the common errors made by the young men and women who suffer from acne, lack of knowledge about good health principles to deal with pimples and grains that are called acne, and the result is that the irritation of the situation and increase the suffering of people, especially when in this season of the year.

Here are some tips important and effective addition to treatment, which usually applied at home is recommended by experts dermatologist to get rid of acne or even reduce the severity and intensity in these days of those who suffer from it, and these tips:

Tips to Reduce the Severity of Acne

β–ͺ Try to keep your facial skin dry and clean as possible.

β–ͺ Washing the face carefully and gently twice a day at least anti-bacterial soap.

β–ͺ Use a mild non-oily moisturizer to the face after each washing.

β–ͺ Avoid cosmetics that contain industrial chemicals or vegetable oil.

β–ͺ Keep the hair clean and away from contact with the face.

β–ͺ Avoid the use of forceps on the face or touching the grain.

β–ͺ Avoid pressure on the skin affected by inflammatory or collars or parties to narrow head scarf.

β–ͺ The use of cosmetics and beauty products without a prescription, especially those containing sulfur, resourceful, plus material used on the skin in order to lighten the pores and reduce acne.

β–ͺ To dry up pimples at night, you can use toothpaste (not generation) directly on the pill, it has advantages that can help to dry up the pimples at night.

β–ͺ One of the best face masks with good effect the use of the white part of egg and place it on face for 15 minutes. A. The vitamin A which is found in egg white is also very beneficial to the skin.

β–ͺ The egg whites are also treated to a great interest for acne, and can be used directly to the blister.

β–ͺ To rid the redness of inflamed skin face should consult a doctor to give specific treatment of the situation.

So many short articles this time, hopefully can be useful for your face. Don’t forget like or share this article to your friends. If you want to follow site update, you can subscribe on notify when you open first this site.


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