Beranda English Article 6 Simple Ways in Order to Make the Room Healthier

6 Simple Ways in Order to Make the Room Healthier

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make the room healthier
make the room healthier

When you are sick and often feel uncomfortable being in the room, maybe the time is checking whether the room condition healthy or not.

To find out if the health condition of the room, while simultaneously ensuring his graces, there are several ways that can be done. Offered from Step to Health, this simple step can make the room so much more healthy.

1. Avoid Electronic Devices

You experience sleep disorders may be associated with electromagnetic pollution in the room. TV, tablet computers, and mobile phones can reduce the quality of sleep and can make the body’s defense system is weakened.

2. Provide Ventilation Room

It is important that the air in the room is constantly changing. A good vent allows the air dirty disappeared and with fresher air.

At the very least, open the window 10 minutes a day after waking up. This will not only freshen and prevent mold, also prevent the growth of other bacteria microorganisms.

3. Replace Your Bed Linens Each Week

At least once a week, change Your bed linens. With replacing it, you’ll avoid the harmful bacteria, mites, dust, and other germs.

If possible lap the entire frame of the bed with a hot water and antibacterial soap to make it more effective at killing bacteria.

4. Ornamental Plants

Try some plants such as lavender to reduce stress, jasmine, Orchid, chrysanthemum, and Aloe Vera. Some of this plant is perfect because You don’t have to spend a lot of time to take care of these plants.

This kind of plants can survive far longer than any other plant.

5. Dispose of Your Trash

The leftovers can cause a foul smell and attract insects. You have to clean the leftovers to make You healthier.

6. Ornamental and Tidy Up the Room

Save all your stuff in place. Place the dirty stuff you use in the place it should be.

In addition, use the decorations and other elements to give you peace and joy. Also add a picture frame as a remembrance of special moments.


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