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Rocco Commiso, The Son of A Poor Carpenter Who Now So Entrepreneurs Wearing Suit

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rocco commiso
rocco commiso

Never underestimate someone from origin. Even a son of the Carpenter that childhood should feel the life of the poor can become successful entrepreneurs and into the ranks of the world’s richest billionaires.

Is Rocco Commisso, the son of a poor Carpenter who now manages to have the total property valued at US $4.3 billion.

Forbes page alerts you of Sunday, father of the 68-year-old man this is a carpenter with a very low income. Father, brother, and himself moved from Italy to the United States (us) when her 12-year-old.

After moving to the U.S., he has difficulty communicating because absolutely cannot speak in United Kingdom. But New York City give him good luck. He saw the talent competition soon arrived in the city.

Young then Commisso register as solo accordion players and won the talent competition. His talents also steal attention from the Manager of the Wakefield who wrote a letter to the local Catholic school to receive the Commisso as his disciple.

“I being the only child who managed to get into the school without tests, ” story.

Fortune Favors her

Still, Commisso must work for 40 hours per week for the sake of seeking money to pay his school fees.

Good luck again sided with him when was about to enroll in college. His teachers call football coach of Columbia University and said he had a very promising pupil.

In just over a month, Commisso was never even played football in school get a full scholarship on well-known campus it. In 1972, he was even invited to attend a test sign in the U.S. football team at the Olympics.

He then took business schools to satisfy his desire for changing lives for the better financially. Commisso graduated as one of the best graduates and earn rewards from its campus.

The story of his career from zero up to so successful entrepreneurs

Then he planned to work in the banking and investment industry. But no one else bids came in.

“There is discrimination then. I never forget my friend said, ‘ Rocco, you know what the problem is? It’s because of you. Yet there are those of Italy which landed on Wall Street ‘,”he recalls.

This unyielding man then landed his first job at Chase Manhattan Bank. Then he moved to the Royal Bank of Canada. Before long a career in the banking world, 68-year-old man switch industries and worked as CFO at Cablevision Industries which was acquired Time Warner in 1995.

After working for nine years at the company, the brothers tried Commisso founded the company himself, Mediacom. At that time, the industrial cabling are particularly vulnerable because many of the new regulation which increases the competition between entrepreneurs.

But with her hard work, Commisso overcomes the entire obstacle at the beginning of its business. Each year the company continues to show tremendous growth. This year is the second year Commisso penetrate billionaires list with ranked at 499.


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