Beranda English Article Sufferers Of Hypertension, Do This Exercise Every Day

Sufferers Of Hypertension, Do This Exercise Every Day

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sufferers of hypertension
sufferers of hypertension

In Indonesia, yoga is indeed still done by the limited circles. But if you or your relatives have high blood pressure or hypertension is time to try yoga.

According to a small study, citing Health, doing yoga every day for one hour can lower the average diastolic blood pressure and the arterial.

A study presented at the annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India. The authors of the study said, the results are quite promising. Doing yoga each should be able to protect people with prahipertensi from the harmful effects of hypertension.

“Prahipertensi and hypertension can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart failure,” said research leader Ashutosh Angrish, MD, heart specialist Sir Gangaram Hospital in New Delihi, India.

Prahipertensi is when the systolic blood pressure are on the number 120-139 mm Hg diastolic numbers, and 80-89 mm Hg. As for the stated number of hypertension is above 140 mm Hg, and diastolic at the figure of 90 mm Hg.

According to Dr. Angrish, people with prahipertensi likely are experiencing hypertension if no lifestyle changes.

Dr. Angrish then do research about the effects of Hatha yoga (yoga of the traditional branch that combines stretching, meditation and breath control,) them with prahipertensi, even though it is healthy. Dr. Angrish and his colleagues then recruited 60 patients with an average age of 54 years.

The patient is asked to do lifestyle changes, including mild aerobic exercising, healthy diet, and smoking cessation.

Hatha Yoga

Half the patients were given a last session of yoga exercises along with instructor for one month, one hour per day. After the first month they perform yourself at home with the same amount of time.

When a patient’s blood pressure is checked back at the end of their research (three months later) the results are pretty astounding. Those who only make changes in lifestyle, yoga, not without experiencing a drop in blood pressure.

Those who did yoga, and lifestyle changes, blood pressure goes down 4-5 mmHg.

“Despite the decrease in blood pressure was not too big, it is quite mean clinically,” said Dr. Angrish. Even the decline of only 2 mm Hg alone is able to lower the risk of heart disease to 6 percent and the risk of stroke up to 15 percent.

“Yoga may be the right answer for those with risk (hypertension),” said Shirish Hiremath, MD, President-elect of the Cardiology Society of India.


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