Beranda English Article Weddings Can Help Prevent Dementia, Why Can?

Weddings Can Help Prevent Dementia, Why Can?

weddings can help prevent dementia
weddings can help prevent dementia

If you want to avoid dementia, the study found one way. Married.

A study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry stated, there is a connection between the decline in marriage with a risk factor for dementia.

Compared with those who are married, singles 42 percent more vulnerable affected dementia. The study was done at 800 thousand people. In addition, those who have been separated, 20 percent are also vulnerable exposed it.

In fact, when researchers find out more in what type of dementia that is related to this, the results are not too different. From vascular dementia to Alzheimer’s (caused by a stroke), the result is the same. This is revealed by Andrew Sommerlad, Brain Science and clinical Researcher at University College London, United Kingdom.

Offered from Prevention, Sommerlad myself do not understand why this could happen. However, he said there are several theories.

Socialization While Married

Previous research to see that people who are already married, tend to be more healthy.

According to Sommerlad, a married person has a social stimuli more than those who are single. a study of the year 2015 shows that the lack of social interaction associated with higher dementia risk.

Spend the time to talk with others and socialize, demanding people to think cognitively. This can stimulate the brain to ward off dementia.

Sommerlad, socializing is also a way to relieve stress. This explains why there is a relationship between low activity with dementia.


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