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The Risk of Hair Dryer

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The Risk of Hair Dryer

Hello, now i will write article to you about The Risk of Hair Dryer. Hair dryer which operates hot air heat, before embarking on this subject we must know the heat: energy is transmitted from the body or body or system to another system at different temperatures, and energy: the changes or chemical reactions or biochemical or Physical Chemistry that occurs to the body by different processes, including heat, Hair Dryer one of these processes that occur these changes or interactions in the human body by hot air from the heat and vein that runs through the hot wire before departure within the powder causing the heat released if not used properly cancerous tumors, or killing of brain cells, lead with the passage of time permanent, non-use right, to death.

The Risk of Hair Dryer

We note that most of the hair drying devices contain two-speed or three, the first to introduce ordinary air, then the second hot air average temperature, and finally hot air too. Many of the women used the device in a manner that bad start to drying their hair with hot air and very targeted directly to the scalp, and here lies the danger, and that the direct effect on brain cells not adapted to these extreme heat. The way the right is to start gradually by cold air and then the normal average, and hot to create all of the scalp and brain cells to accept this new situation.

There are several facts to prove it, if we assume that a piece of iron heated slowly up to the heat slowly until you feel your fingertips from heat you will Take DISCRETION, but if you must, hold this piece is too hot without the knowledge of your injury, it is certainly harmed by the heat from piece of iron to your fingertips, leading to damage and death of the infected cells, as well as for the hair dryer.
And more clarification from the effect of temperature. Sunstroke and injuries occur with direct impact is the same powder, but the injury is direct and strong impact on the case when it affects the sun strikes a direct effect on brain cells, which affects the central nervous system thus leads to a coma, and may lead to death if not first aid.
Each user of a hair dryer that can lead this simple test, and you Recognize this story running national hot air dried very quickly and shedding directly on the scalp, What advice can you feel the change that gets you from the intense heat on brain cells, the output of this hot air work disorders in those cells and atrophy of some of the other.


The proof of this fact on the impact of temperature in cancer of the delegation said that the search of the World Health Organization in the seventies to the calendar area to study the phenomena of the emergence of cancerous tumors that affect the mouth, after a thorough study of many of the reported cases it was unclear which directly cause the phenomena, and finally explained The main reason that most of the people of that region ate meals, especially rice is very hot, leading to cell death of the mouth is affected by this heat.

And one other witness that many skin doctors warn of drinking tea and coffee is too hot for their direct impact on cells of the mouth and pharynx, also warns doctors skin from direct exposure to the scorching sun of the skin beach-goers advised to be dropped marine body painted some oils and creams that protect the body from the heat so as not to infected skin cancer.

The live-action scenes of the impact of heat on solids, pour a cup of tea in the cold, the sudden drop in temperature occurs sometimes broken or crack in the cup, as a result of random disturbances and repulsion between the chemical bonds that are part of the glass made him a cup of tea, as the Many doctors advise against a public body is exposed to air currents from the sudden cold to hot or vice verse so as not to be affected by the body are not affected by any human cells exposed to a cold or the flu, and this is what happens to the scalp or brain cells after bathing or washing of the scalp cells are brain cool, and the direct impact of these sudden temperature occurs may have dire consequences, so you must follow the proper way to create a scalp or brain cells, and the gradual degrees of air from the average normal to you may be so hot to have created these cells to receive this heat.

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