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Hindi Nine Tips to Protect your Hair

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Hindi nine tips to protect your hair

Hello girls and boys, now i will write the article about Hindi Nine Tips to Protect your Hair. There is no doubt that the Hindu girl has a beautiful shiny hair, and are generally characteristic of the continent have girls Hindi. In the Indian study published recently recommended cosmetic specialists in India, followers of nine notes help get your hair soft and healthy.

Hindi Nine Tips to Protect your Hair

1. healthy hair starts from your body you should know.

Foods that you eat is affect mainly to get healthy hair Try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits contain natural sugar, as well as Eat dairy products like milk, yogurt and eat the coconut recipe, where it proved essential for hair health, Pour a little of it on the Authority or with rice in order to get the full the desired results.

2. Avoid canned food.

Foods canned materials are packed with preservatives that do not contain very useful for the body, making them very useful, as well as cold drinks hamper the digestion process and construction in the body so it is advisable to stay away as well.

3. Add the spices to your food types.

The addition of spices to your food gives it a special flavor in addition to these spices contribute to the provision of healthy nutrition for your hair.

So try to add it to food, especially soups or during frying vegetables, can also add cumin and black pepper roasted and ground fresh milk before eating, and eating the hibiscus plant also have an impact is effective in stimulating all the functions of the body in general.

4. Stress.

Have a serious impact on your health and also the color of your hair, try to organize and control your time and get rid of stress resulting from the lack of time.

Try a relaxation exercises such as meditation. Try to go to nature to assist in achieving greater health and mental balance more. And Padre get enough sleep and comfortable as it helps greatly to the growth and renewal of hair.

5. Avoid the use of materials that contain chemicals.

Because it will lead to the destruction of your hair in the long term. Padre to search for natural substances do not harm your hair during the washing and cleaning, especially if you wash your hair more than three times a week.

Therefore prefer to use the types of shampoo and conditioner of vegetable origin because it contributes to feed your hair better. Therefore, a national reading the ingredients before buying shampoo because some products may contain the word vegetable in the name of the product while it may not contain any component plant in the truth.


6. Get oil bath with a massage of the scalp permanently.

Access to bathrooms with massage oil scalp three times a week to stimulate the development process of your hair and gives it strength and great health as well as maintain moisture in the scalp is essential for healthy hair.

It is recommended here using coconut oil, almonds and olive oil. Then add the warm oil to your hair and carefully distributed to all scalp and then massage the scalp Padre parties fingers.

It is recommended that Left it on your hair until the morning if possible and if not, try to keep it as long as possible so that at least the oil bath for two hours, then use your hair shampoo to clean the scalp massage also helps to relax and to get a comfortable sleep as well.

7. Do not use the brush and your hair wet.

Never should be doing to demobilize if brushing your hair wet and no matter how you hurry, the best way to wet hair is the use of interlaced wooden-toothed comb, not a broad brush.

8. as well as the excessive use of hair dryer.

Leading to damage to hair in the long term it leads to dry hair and pounding his limbs so it is advisable to leave your hair dry naturally, and then do honorably discharged.

9. Finally, the large amount of hair and use a brush.

Lead to the appearance in a healthy and shiny, so national each night by a hair brush for the demobilization of all sides, but separately.

Any honorably discharged from the nationalist right to left and then from front to back or vice versa, and Use a good brush and Start from the scalp and finish at the edge of the hair.

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