Beranda English Article 7 Things the Rich People Can not Say, What Are?

7 Things the Rich People Can not Say, What Are?

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billionaire illustrations
billionaire illustrations

What exactly distinguishes between the rich and those with the average bag contents? According to Robert Kiyosaki, the fundamental difference between the super rich and the people who contain the average pockets is the way of thinking or mindset.

The way of thinking ultimately makes a difference, why some people are able to build wealth up to no limit and why some others can not afford or mediocre contents of their pockets.

The way thinking will affect a person in deciding an action and choice. The way of thinking also has a big effect on the work style of a person, whether just tired work, hard work, or smart work.

You may have thought, why with the actual income is sufficient, your financial condition has not moved from the middle class level? Or maybe you’re curious, besides intelligence and luck, what makes these super rich people become like they are today: successful and rich.

Rather than be curious, you better see here 7 things that super rich people never say, affecting their success to this day. The team summarizes it from Business Insider, the following:

1. “I can not afford it”

People with ordinary pockets usually say, “I can not afford it” when looking at a good or services that are too expensive. Indeed, hell, this form of understanding attitude to the capacity of self. Only, according to Kiyosaki, super rich people never reveal such statements.

The rich will instead ask the question: “How can I buy it?” Kiyosaki underlines the basic differences between the two statements. One is a statement, a conclusion. The other one, spoken by the rich is the question.

Statements such as statements give up, make your mind stop also to think and find ways to buy. Conversely, when you ask questions, the brain will be stimulated to think.

Kiyosaki underscores, getting used to ask about buying something does not mean you need to buy everything. The point is, you must consistently train the mind. You see, the stronger your mind is about this, the more money you can make.

2. “I work for money”

Most people choose to earn income by “paid” or “paid” or in other words, being workers, employees of a company. Most people choose to be employees with regular salary and regular working hours. How about the rich? The rich say the opposite: Money works for me.

People who are able to build wealth are rarely employed. Almost all rich people come from entrepreneurs who work hard to build a business. The rich also come from investors in financial markets.

“If money works for you, you control the money. Conversely, if you work to earn money, you instead give your employer the power to control, “wrote Kiyosaki.

3. “When it comes to money, play it safe, do not take risks”

Instead of saying so, the rich say: Let’s learn to manage risk. Regarding realizing financial welfare and independence, it can not be achieved overnight. There is also hard work and the ability to apply appropriate wealth accumulation strategies.

For example, you want to accumulate wealth through investing in a product, whether it is property investment, gold, or stock investment. You believe that by investing in those products, wealth can accrue more quickly. Well, the decision can not be taken just to follow the trend or with the consideration of feeling alone.

You also have to do “homework” before investing or doing business, including here is calculating the risks, costs and profit prospects. Whether the investment or business is right with your risk profile, and so on.

Do not dare take a risk, it will not take you anywhere. The goal to achieve a more ideal financial condition is difficult to achieve.

4. “My house is my asset”

The rich say instead: home is not an asset, it includes liabilities. This does not mean you do not have to buy a house, yes. Kiyosaki’s point, you should be able to distinguish which includes the assets and which are actually liabilities or fees.

One way to distinguish it, according to Kiyosaki, is with this question: “If you stop work today, an asset will make money, while a liability will take money out of your pocket. It’s important to understand the difference between the two. ”

In the end, owning a home is an expensive thing and the value of a home is not necessarily always up. Not that you do not have to buy a house. But Kiyosaki gives tips, if you want a bigger house, buy an asset first which can generate cash flow to pay for the house.

5. “Learn diligently to be accepted to work at the best company”

This is advice you may hear from parents. Diligently learn to get a good job and a great salary. The rich never think this way. Instead, they say: “Learn diligently so you can find the right company that’s right for you to buy.”

The rich, according to Kiyosaki, are never afraid of big dreams. They set expectations high enough to earn a lot of money. From that big dream, they do not hesitate to work hard to make it happen. ‘

6. “I will never be rich”

Kiyosaki says, a rich man usually has defined himself as a rich man so whatever he does he will keep trying to keep it.

Kiyosaki recounts, when his rich father went bankrupt, he did not immediately define himself as a poor man. Instead, he said, “There is a big difference between being poor and being bankrupt. Bankruptcy is temporary. Poor forever. ”

7. “I’m not interested in money”

Most of us are taught to study diligently, go to a good school, find a job, and be grateful for what we already have. Essentially, according to Kiyosaki, we are taught to be established.

The rich on the other hand oftener see money logically: “Money is power, power.” It does not mean to be materialistic, yes. According to Kiyosaki, money is the most powerful tool that can present choices and opportunities.

Well, that’s 7 things that rich people never say by Robert Kiyosaki, the famous financial writer who released the famous book “Rich dad, Poor dad”. Do you agree with Kiyosaki?


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