Beranda English Article Beware of the 5 Signs of skin cancer that is often Overlooked

Beware of the 5 Signs of skin cancer that is often Overlooked

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signs of skin cancer
signs of skin cancer

American Skin Cancer Society estimates, one in five people will experience a skin cancer in their lives. In the U.S. alone, more than 5.4 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancers are treated each year. For those who spent much of his time in the Sun, this fact is certainly alarming.

The best way to prevent skin cancer is to be always protected from UV rays, sunscreen or clothing using a FPU when you are outdoors. But it is still not completely cover the possibility of developing skin cancer. Keep it is important to always monitor the skin and observing the changes that occur.

Dr. Tim Berger, a dermatologist at the University of California, San Francisco, say, 6 percent of dangerous Mole detected by the patient, not a dermatologist. Unfortunately, some skin changes are easily missed by the untrained eye.

Beware of the 5 Signs of skin cancer that is often Overlooked

Alerts you of Prevention, the following 5 skin conditions you should beware. If you find one of these under the skin condition, immediately visit the dermatologist or skin specialist.

1. New moles greater than 6 mm

New Mole is usually not something to be feared, however, a new Mole whose size is larger than 6 mm could be an early warning sign of melanoma–the most types of skin cancer are serious.

This is something that should be Your monitor, regardless of whatever your current age. “Melanoma is not attacking a certain age groups only,” Berger warned.

Mark of the mole skin cancer to another, says Berger, is when a mole that is changing. So if you don’t have a current skin problem, take note of everything as best as possible. Take photos of any moles and skin irritation that you have, so You can do the comparison later.

2. New moles with weird

Moles cancer non symmetrical shape and usually smooth surface with clear edges. If a new Mole appears a asmetris, or have rough ledges, check.

Another danger sign is when a pop new moles with blurred edges and melting into the skin.

3. New moles with abnormal color

The color of a mole should be between brown or light brown, said Berger, or slightly pink. Every time there is a mole are black, red, white, or blue, it’s already a sufficient reason to immediately checked myself into a dermatologist.

Another danger sign is when the color of shit then is a mix of young and old chocolate brown–a mole should be only one color.

Remember each person’s skin color differences, the color of the Mole is dangerous for everyone is also different. The more light the color of your skin, the more light is also supposed to be the color of a mole.

4. The growing lump or warts Appear

If you have a shape similar to a lump of small blisters that are larger than 6 mm, and also does not disappear after 6 weeks, Berger said it was warning others that should be checked immediately. These bumps can also bleed a little and often appears on the neck and face.

The same also applies to the new growing warts or ulcers that do not heal. Both could be cell carcinoma, a form of cancer that can be treated often arises due to chronic sun damage.

5. Dry spots

Splotches on your hand could just be nothing more than just dry skin, but if this comes up with a size greater than 6 mm and lasted 6 weeks, don’t ignore.

This is another sign of carcinoma cells, which often appear so one blisters. So if you have many spots like this, it could be that it is just a skin irritation.


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