Beranda English Article 6 Easy Ways to Detox the Body in 24 Hours

6 Easy Ways to Detox the Body in 24 Hours

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ilustrated detox
ilustrated detox

Without you even knowing, sometimes you put a lot of food and drinks that are not healthy to the body. This is what then make you feel bloated, tired, and in need of detoxification–aka the expulsion of toxins from the body.

“One of the negative effects of bad eating and drinking over time is the destruction of the metabolism,” said Sarah Asay, certified dietitians. “Metabolic Dysfunction can lead to increased weight gain, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, decreased energy, desire snacking, and insomnia.”

Fortunately, according to Asay, all simtom above may be reduced or resolved by lifestyle changes. However, who would want to wait six months to correct the metabolism?

6 Easy Ways to Detox the Body in 24 Hours

Fortunately, this is easily some changes could help drive out toxins from the body more quickly. Byrdie alerts you, these six easy ways to detoxify your body:

1. Get enough sleep

“Giving the body a deep sleep is the key to reset the body,” said Asay. “Sleep has been associated with weight loss, decreased cortisol levels or stress, and improves overall health.”

The best part is, no sleep at all takes effort. Set just so cool to room temperature, and give yourself time to 10 hours of sleep.

2. Drinking a glass of water while the great awake

So did before going to bed. And throughout the day. “When you think about it, when the body of sleep, our bodies for seven hours or more are not hydrated,” said Asay.

By doing the hydration in the body when to wake up, the body will return fresh and give the energy in the cells in it.

3. Take a break to stretch

“Any retreat to one hour once, though only for five minutes. Do stretching and keep it moving! “advice Asay. “This will reduce the tired, blood flow, heart rate and trigger, burn calories.”

4. Drink fluids busting bloating

Ingredients such as lemon, ginger, peppermint, coconut, red chili and all trigger digestion. This means that they can eliminate the bloating. Infuse your drinking water with fresh lemon, or pour a cup of ginger tea to relieve bloating.

5. Avoid alcohol

“For the body, alcohol is a poison. That is, when we swallow it, the body will digest the alcohol off first before the other energy sources, “said Asay.

In other words, when the body is busy digesting the alcohol, calories from other food and drink will be stored into fat. Not to mention, alcohol can cause dehydration and trigger fatigued.

6. Don’t avoid foods

When the body feels a full belly, a reaction is to avoid whatever except vegetable juices and water. But according to Asay a mindset like this is wrong.

There is no one food or beverage that is prohibited, he said. Instead, think about how much you should be eating food or drinks that you like. There are foods that should be much you eat, and there’s a little.

Examples of foods that you should eat in small portions is fried-fried foods, sweet drinks, snacks such as crisps or sweets, and meats such as sausages, high is working Asay said.

But before 7 pm come, you still may eat food such as chocolate chips or pet. As long as there is not too much, the detoxification process you can still succeed.


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